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Author Topic: some Dutch FM pirate antennas  (Read 4357 times)

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some Dutch FM pirate antennas
« on: February 16, 2011, 0209 UTC »
I have read many stories of FM pirates in Europe using unusual antenna locations.  However, for sheer audacity, Dance Radio Amsterdam has to be in a class by themselves.

Power Tower
http://danceradio992.cz/mg2/pictures/danceradiopowertower.jpg  (zoom in on the top)

Crane Antenna
http://danceradio992.cz/imgs/dr_2009-12-25-1.jpg (from a distance)
http://danceradio992.cz/imgs/dr_2009-12-25-2.jpg (close-up)

Chimney Antenna
http://x264.nl/dump/laserfm_muiden_pijp.jpg (from a distance)
http://x264.nl/dump/laserfm_muiden_pijp_antenne.jpg (close-up)

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Re: some Dutch FM pirate antennas
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2011, 0926 UTC »
Woah! Some gutsy pirates! :o

That must have been something doing that on the power tower... it feels like ants crawling on you that close to the lines.