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Author Topic: [Swlfest] Casting Call for the 2019 Winter SWL Fest  (Read 848 times)


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[Swlfest] Casting Call for the 2019 Winter SWL Fest
« on: November 17, 2018, 2326 UTC »
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2018 10:46:35 -0500
From: John Figliozzi <jfiglio1@nycap.rr.com>
To: Discussion list for the Winter SWL Fest
Subject: [Swlfest] Casting Call for the 2019 Winter SWL Fest (First

Every year I put this out and think I?m actually getting a jump on the previous year.  And every year, it turns out that first notice gets published right around the same time ? mid November.  This year in the northeast U.S., it appears that winter has already arrived.  Half a foot of new snow in Saratoga County New York says so.  So, let?s get right to it!

Anyway, once again, we invite one and all to be a part of the Winter SWL Fest!  Edition 2019 will take place on
February 28 - March 2 at the Doubletree Guest Suites in fashionable
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. 

This will be the 32nd such annual gathering and due to popular demand
we have kept the extra half day, opening the event on Thursday
afternoon and continuing through all of Friday and Saturday. Details and
background info, as well as regular updates, are at <www.swlfest.com>.

One of the centerpieces of the Fest weekend is our line-up of informative
and entertaining forums.  How do we get them? These  excellent sessions
are put together and presented by you and people just like you?people
with a deep and abiding interest in radio and a willingness to share
their experiences, knowledge and know how.

So, how about it?  Have you a topic that you think Fest participants
will find interesting and would be willing to present?  Tell us about it. If
you?ve already contacted us, chances are we have your e-mail on file.
However, chances are also that we don?t.  (I turned 65 this year, so don?t you dare trust my memory!) Even if you have runs something by us in the year since Fest 3, please re-contact and remind us at
this time just to make sure.

As usual, your role will be to lead a one hour session forum.  That means
preparing about a half-hour presentation that leaves plenty of time
for audience questions and interaction.  It can be anything from a
serious (or comic) lecture (or both) to a multimedia extravaganza.
Your choice!

And as a gesture of appreciation (and perhaps some measure of small
compensation for your efforts), the Fest will comp your registration
fee if your proposal is accepted by the Organizing Committee (which
consists of Rich Cuff, yours truly and that Magic 8 Ball we found in Rich?s
attic when looking for old Fest printed programs and giveaways.  Hey? it worked last year!)

We are seeking your help in fashioning a balanced and diverse line-up of topics
and speakers.

Make your suggestion/proposal to John Figliozzi at <jfiglio1@nycap.rr.com>   
If you have any questions, we'll be happy to discuss them with you. And
even if you've never led a forum before, don't hesitate.   We've learned
that people tend to unfairly and inaccurately minimize their own abilities.
We know you'll  be great...but you have to  let us in on what you're thinking!
We promise a quick turnaround on your proposal once we are able to
survey the field.

Be a part of the 2019 Winter SWL Fest program!

73 and 88 to the Ladies (with due apologies to Ian McFarland)
John Figliozzi
Richard Cuff
2019 Winter SWL Fest (and apparently for life) Co-Chairs

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Re: [Swlfest] Casting Call for the 2019 Winter SWL Fest
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2018, 1240 UTC »
What are you lecturing on this year, Professor Fansome? The importance of proper tire pressure?

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Re: [Swlfest] Casting Call for the 2019 Winter SWL Fest
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2018, 2107 UTC »
There should be a foxhunt for The Handsome Al Fansome.
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