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Author Topic: SHARES Weekly Nets 6765 USB 6845 USB and 6910 USB 1730 UTC 28 Nov 2018  (Read 907 times)

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SHARES HF net emergency management net 6.765 MHz 6.845 MHz 6.910 MHz USB voice and digital

SHARES - FEMA and other entities heard checking into all three nets on 6765 kHz USB, 6845 kHz USB and 6910 kHz USB.  Various alphanumeric callsigns heard with very good radio operating discipline (as would be expected). 

Listening on the sigma SDR On the CT/MA border.  6765 kHz and 6845 kHz are coming in very nicely, 6910 kHz is considerably weaker but still readable at 1730 UTC.  All three frequencies were active with on-going nets when I tuned in.  These nets are done weekly.  Stations checking in with net control, signal reports, time in and time out recorded by net control station...pretty standard stuff.  "SHARES Regional Coordination Net Northeast" net ID heard on 6845 USB at 1634 UTC.  Net control on 6845 kHz appears to be Freestate 40.

Several callsigns heard:

Freestate 40
Skyline 32XX [Skyline 32 X-Ray X-Ray] (then ID'd as "Skyline 32")

digital traffic noted on 6765 kHz USB and 6845 kHz USB
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