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Author Topic: DXing Baseball April 19-20, 2019, 2018  (Read 23 times)

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DXing Baseball April 19-20, 2019, 2018
« on: April 19, 2019, 2318 UTC »
So, with the odd start of this baseball season, many Friday day games or teams off on Fridays, this turns out to be the first Friday to DX baseball.  Tonight, many clubs that I can receive are playing clubs that I can't receive which increases the potential number of games I can DX. The Cubs played a day games, there are NBA & NHL playoffs which may take precedence in some markets, and we are due for heavy rain on the east coast which might impact reception and whether the game is played (two games already rained out by 2000z).  With 2 rain outs and a day game, I may just DX whatever baseball I can receive including the minors. 

2309 960am  WELI New Haven, CT  Royals/Yanks "Well Suzyn I thank you, good evening everyone.  CC's first pitch is a strike.  No score as we just get started". Excellent reception - Yankee affiliate

2311 1280am WADO New York Royals/Yanks "CC (then some Spanish) Kansas City cero, Yanquis cero first". Yankee Spanish Flagship.  Excellent reception

2315 600am WICC Bridgeport, CT Royals/Yanks "Right handed Junis on the mound.  Gardner takes a strike, no score here in the bottom of the first."  Excellent reception - Yankee affiliate

2321 660am WFAN New York Royals/Yanks "Lined to right for a base hit.  Glaybor grounds to short for a force at second.  One hit, one left on base, and after one - no score."  Excellent reception.  Yankee Flagship.

2325 1080am WTIC Hartford, CT Red Sox/Rays "The batter is now Garcia.  They call him Minnie Mickey since he was with Tigers.  He's from Venezuela.  One out runners at first and second, no score in the bottom of the first."  Excellent reception.  Red Sox affiliate.

2332  1500am WFED Washington, DC Nats/Marlins "and the count 2 balls and 2 strikes.  he can hit it out to any part of the ballpark.  Swing and a miss for the third out.  After one inning, Washington 1, Miami nothing". Excellent reception.  Nationals flagship.

2340 980am WCAP Lowell, MA Red Sox/Rays "Mookie makes a leap, did he make the catch?  No, he just missed it. Lowe has a home run, 1-0 Rays". Good reception, stepped on by Red Sox affiliate

2349 1420am WBEC Pittsfield, MA. Red Sox/Rays "and the Sox go down 1,2,3 and after two and a half, 1-0 Rays."  Good reception.  Red Sox affiliate

2354 1440am WVEI Worcester, MA Red Sox/Rays  "On the inside corner, strike three for Rodriguez.  That's his fourth of the game. The Rays have an early 1-0 lead" Excellent reception.  Red Sox affiliate.

2256  1140am WRVA Richmond, VA Nats/Marlins "2-2 count on Eaton. Swing a miss, Eaton is out.  We're here in the third in a 1-1 game.  Redon will try to break the tie.  0-2 pitch to Redon is fouled back". Nationals affiliate.  Excellent reception

0011 1050am WEPN New York "y Jason Vargas para los Mets" into emergency broadcast test to commercials for Long Island Car Dealer. Mets pre-game show.  Mets Spanish flagship.  Excellent reception.

0020  880am WCBS New York  Mets/Cards "They are checking the call back in the Chelsea section of New York.  The call stands and Alonso is out.  Two outs and nobody on as we get started. 2-1 pitch to Cano, lined to the gap, and Cano will have a double.  This is a rough looking outfield for the Cards.  Base hit up the middle for Ramos and the Mets have a 1-0 lead in the first". Mets flagship.  Excellent reception.

0031 620am WVMT Burlington, VT Royals/Yanks "So the play goes 5-3, the Yanks have 1 run on 1 hit in the inning with the homer.  After 5 innings, 3-1 Yanks.  ID Your voice in Burlington and Plattsburgh WVMT". Yanks affiliate.  Excellent reception.

0043 1230am WCMC Wildwood, NJ  Phils/Rockies "that's the second strike to Kingery.  Now strike three and there is one down.  No score, top of the first.  Harper singles through short and there are runners on the corners.  Hoskins singles to left and the Phils go up 1-0."  Phillies affiliate.  Good reception

0103 720am WGN Chicago  White Sox/Tigers "Top of the seventh now. A line shot for Mocada.  OM reading Easter greetings in between pitches. Lined down the left field line.  Two runs will score and its 6-1 Sox, a dribbler through the infield for Alonso, Abreu runs through the stop sign and scores, and we're going to have a change of pitchers."  White Sox flagship.  Excellent reception.

0130 700am WLW Cincinnati Reds/Padres "We are heading toward the 10:10 first pitch". Gives Reds line up.  "Inside Pitch before the Reds and Padres" to commercials. Reds Flagship.  Excellent reception.

0201 1120am KMOX St. Louis Mets/Cards "The Cards have had to adjust here, Mets up 4-1". Coming in waves, being stepped on by station in Massachusetts.  Cardinals Flagship. Very good reception when not stepped on.

MDK2 - Congrats, some match between City/Spurs on Wednesday.  My sons and I texted 3,000 miles apart throughout match, thought City did it at end.  Watch, City will win by 5 versus Spurs tomorrow.
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Re: DXing Baseball April 19-20, 2019, 2018
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CC's first pitch is a strike.  No score as we just get started.

That's great.
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