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Author Topic: Pescadores Freebanders and UNID Radio Nets 43 meters 6-7 MHz 19 Dec 2018  (Read 709 times)

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Starting at 2130 UTC.  Receiver: COMMSIGMA SDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

7000 kHz LSB - Spanish language, OM and YL chatting talking about the price of milk and other domestic matters
6985 kHz USB - Spanish language, sounds like freebanders
6967 kHz LSB - Spanish language, weak
6959 kHz LSB - Spanish language, weak
6950 kHz USB - Spanish language, common freebander frequency
6925 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, the usual pescadore suspects
6910 kHz LSB - Spanish language, some very strong signals (likely freebanders)
6900 kHz LSB - Spanish language, "home channel" for 43 meter band bootleggers/freebanders/amateurs
6875 kHz USB - Spanish language
6889 kHz USB - Spanish language, with heavy wideband ute QRM
6868.6 kHz USB - Portuguese language, some distortion
6860 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6858.5 kHz USB - Spanish language
6838 kHz USB - Spanish language
6838 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6825 kHz USB - Spanish language, possible radiotelephone call, OM and YL having casual QSO
6815 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, lots of fading
6792 kHz USB - OM and YL talking, the YL has a lot of feedback or hum on her signal (Spanish language)
6790 kHz LSB - Spanish language, with QRM from FSK data signal on 6789 kHz and 6789 USB chatter
6789 kHz USB - Weak chatter, UNID language due to QRM
6780 kHz USB - Spanish language - nice SIO 333 at points good signal
6777 kHz USB - Spanish language, talking about whats going on in the village, OM talking to YL
6768 kHz USB - Spanish language, similar to the other "telephone like" QSOs heard (weak signals)
6765 kHz USB - Spanish language, I think I can hear music underneath (possibly Bangkok Meteo on 6765.1 USB?)
6760 kHz USB - Spanish language, weak signals
6740 kHz USB - Spanish language OM and YL talking, some fading
6720 kHz USB - Spanish language, very good signals and very active at 2206 UTC
6717 kHz USB - Spanish language, good signals, possibly another radiotelephone-like QSO
6710 kHz USB - UNID language, presumably Portuguese or Italian, lots of fading
6699 kHz USB - Spanish language, another active frequency (freebander ham radio like chatter)
6695 kHz USB - Spanish language, freebanders! 
6695 kHz LSB - Spanish language
6670 kHz USB - Spanish language, more freebanders
6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish language, busy frequency
6655 kHz LSB - Spanish language, busy net (freebanders!)
6600 kHz AM - Voice of the People (I believe) SIO 222 or so, no SSB QRM heard
6545 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6538 kHz USB - Spanish language, I think...very weak
6501 kHz USB - US Coast Guard meteo broadcast, good signal at 2159 UTC
6400 kHz USB - Spanish language mixing in with North Korean signal on 6400 kHz AM
6400 kHz AM - Radio Pyongyang good signal with military anthem heard at 2157 UTC, minor SSB QRM
6374 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed fisheries/pescadores going by language heard
6360 kHz USB - UNID language, strong carrier on 6360.6 kHz, pretty sure these guys are using regular SSB though
6345 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, with warbling QRM
6277 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed fishing boats/fishery radio chatter
6255 kHz USB - Spanish language, talking about different boats, most likely fishing fleets, good signals at 2154 UTC
6254 kHz USB - weak traffic heard, suffering from QRM from 6255 USB
6238 kHz USB - Spanish language, sounds like fishing fleet chatter
6215.5 kHz USB - Fishing fleet chatter .5 kHz away from calling/distress frequency, very messy
6215 kHz USB - "743 we're standing by" several other English phrases heard, Jamaican accents
6210 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed fishing fleets, several different voices heard but very weak
6209 kHz USB - Strong Spanish speaking OM heard for a couple seconds here, drowning out 6210 kHz
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