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Author Topic: 10222.2 kHz USB Spanish Language UNID Net 2108 UTC 21 Dec 201  (Read 907 times)

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vato, marihuana, cambio! heard at tune-in at 2208 UTC ("vato" is slang for "dude" or "homeboy" or something to that effect..."marihuana" is marijuana and "cambio" is "over" or "back to you").  Likely QSO on-going on 10 MHz band 10.222.2 MHz 10222.2 kHz USB - another peskie-like frequency, suffering from significant fading as we get closer to sunset...several mentions of marjiuana, not sure if they're talking about smoking it or transporting it (probably smoking it)....these guys sound like pescadores, salty language and laid-back QSO style on a "cute" (easy to remember) frequency.

Receiver: COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.
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