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Author Topic: WPOD on 6925 USB yesterday 0530 GMT  (Read 960 times)

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WPOD on 6925 USB yesterday 0530 GMT
« on: July 31, 2011, 0807 UTC »
Okay, here's my first posting:

WPOD "This is WPOD, White Punks On Dope Radio, broadcasting via shortwave radio to North America & the World" etc. (doing this from memory, can't find my scrap of logging paper, so....)  Man's & woman's voices, variously, w/English-ish accents.  Asked for loggings via the world wide web. 

Began program at ca. 0530 GMT with repeated clip from Tubes song "White Punks on Dope" (?)

0534 or so, into "Sister Mary Elephant"  by Cheech & Chong
0538 or so, following man & woman ID, requests for reports via WWW etc., longer version of Tubes (?) song
0545 or so, following more ID & requests for reports via WWW etc., , into Talking Heads song "This Ain't No Party, This Ain't No Disco" etc. (obviously different title, but you get the idea, I don't remember the actual title of it!)
0548 or so, ID & sign off, followed by other station / voice (?) "Is that it?"

S = 20 db over S 9 at first, solid S 7 by sign off

Audio pretty "tinny" but punchy / solid, sorta like it'd be if station was using the microphone & speech processor on a riceburner ham box!

Heard at Sacramento California on TS-850 & SP-600 JX, sloper at 35 feet

Please QSL via US Mails to:

PO Box 190091
San Francisco, California
eQSL to:

elroy at


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Re: WPOD on 6925 USB yesterday 0530 GMT
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2011, 0935 UTC »
This is what I heard! Thanks a bunch for the post, I caught most of the ID but it was a stretch from my location.

I received the broadcast here in Honolulu, Hawaii 7/29/2011 at around 0530z on my Sangean ATS909 and Sony AN-LP1 Loop Antenna.
The frequency was 6925 USB.

 I heard quite a bit of music, but it was rather difficult to decipher. This is the FIRST pirate show I've received since moving here from North America.
At the end of the broadcast the voices came in rather clearly compared to the music:

"WPOD, White Punks on Dope Radio, broadcasting via shortwave to America and the World," followed by mention of the world wide web. This was around 0545z. I thought it said, "Broadcasting via shortwave to America and the world wide web," but some may have been lost in the noise.
 The signal was rather solid throughout the end, the voices literally came out through the noise. I wish I could have heard the music a bit more clearly!

 Will keep on the lookout for more shows in the future.

nettouhen at gmail dot com
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