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Author Topic: 6666.6 kHz USB and 6670 kHz USB "45 metros" Active 2210 UTC + 11 Jan 2019  (Read 589 times)

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45 metros! puta madre!  Lots of salty language, stations talking over each other and general QRM on 6666.6 kHz USB and 6670 kHz USB, both active at once (along with several other frequencies in the 6.6 MHz range.....yes, 6-7 MHz in general is littered with Latin American voices right now.

Mention of "el barco" at 2215 UTC on 6666.6 USB.  Possibly actually a pescadore in the literal sense.  6670 USB is going non-stop as well.  These guys are all over the 6525-6685 kHz (6525-6765 kHz) aeronautical band.
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