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Author Topic: 6612 kHz USB Caribbean Pirates/Peskies English and Spanish 2200 UTC 14 Jan 2019  (Read 124 times)

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Previously logged along with 6610 USB and English/Spanish mixed language on 6612 USB.  45 metros - commonly used by freebanders and pirates or bootleggers, 6.6 MHz.  "One five four, mon" (in English) - Caribbean accents.

2202 UTC - speaking English again (it was Spanish when I tuned in just shy of 2200 UTC).  Mention of "Honduras" at 2203 UTC.  - then switched to Spanish and a third station (a YL) came on frequency - asked her "Venezuela or Honduras?" - OM speaking Spanish at 2204 UTC, rolled his r's perfectly, likely a native speaker.  Keeps asking the YL station to repeat herself.  "We love you buh-bye! buh-buh-buh-bye!" (in English) at 2204 UTC

Later, a similar QSO was heard on 6780 kHz USB.  I do not think it was the same operator(s) heard on 6612 kHz, but they appeared to be coming from the same region.
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