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Author Topic: 6 MHz Marine SSB Logs 2140-2150 UTC 15 Jan 2019  (Read 836 times)

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6 MHz Marine SSB Logs 2140-2150 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2151 UTC »
6203 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, presumed pescadores
6215 kHz USB - several QSOs going at once, this is the 6 MHz HF-SSB marine calling frequency
6227 kHz USB - UNID language heard here, weak QSO in progress, possibly Portuguese
6230 kHz USB - weather report in progress, heard OM talking over meteo with "Key West, 13 knots" (English) strong signal
6233 kHz USB - Portuguese language chatter, presumed pescadores
6245 kHz USB - "did you hear that?" thick Caribbean accent
6292 kHz USB - strange signal heard here, tuned in at 2144 UTC to hear what sounded like music, then DTMF tone bursts, possibly a pirate
6309 kHz USB - "a good one, ya mon" with Spanish voices in the background (on same frequency), annoying het/carrier QRM
6339 kHz USB - ongoing weatherfax/wefax transmission at 2145 UTC
6400 kHz USB - no PBS Pyongyang from DPRK (yet anyway)...but, there's weak Spanish language chatter on the USB side!
6470 kHz USB - "later, later" (in Spanish), good signal at 2148 UTC
6488 kHz USB - UNID language, sounds Caribbean in origin (at 2149 UTC)
6501 kHz USB - US Coast Guard weather broadcast at 2150 UTC, very good signal with some splatter to adjacent frequencies
6525 kHz USB - weak Spanish language (I think) chatter heard here.

6 MHz marine band is 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz - received via remote receiver Westminster, MD KiwiSDR
U.S. East Coast, various HF/VHF/UHF radios/transceivers/scanners/receivers - land mobile system operator - focus on VHF/UHF and 11m


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