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Author Topic: Zeppelin Radio 7726 AM 1921 utc 18 mar 2019  (Read 480 times)

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Zeppelin Radio 7726 AM 1921 utc 18 mar 2019
« on: March 18, 2019, 1924 UTC »
on 7725.8
1921 jazz singer, mellow jazz
1931 deep fades, 1937 "Fever"
2057 latino jazz, weak with fading, more mellow jazz or alike
2107 big band jazz, 2110 ID, barely OK, 2112 this one OK
then several IDs (all OK), then back to jazz

2252 on off carrier on a slighly lower frequency
2255 back on 7725.8, a few audio on/off, then stable
2300 IDs, 2302 'Hello Europe and United States,this is the Zeppelin Radio', jazz, fading up here
2307 talking about MW band, ... a  lot of power sometimes 20 kW..
(but there's fading)
2311 hello Ray .. (more short fades)
2329 ID, jazz
2335 "We love the pirate stations",  more and more splash from 7730
2337 bye bye, off
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Re: Zeppelin Radio 7726 AM 1921 utc 18 mar 2019
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2019, 2129 UTC »
2122 UTC S5-6 DJ EN talking and mixing music, ID
2125 Begin The Beguine  2127 Texas Shuffle
2131 Buona Sera
2258 S7 Beale Street Blues - during DJ sey Hello and ID, music program, hello Skipmuck from US
2305 Take The "A" Train D.Ellington
2308 DJ.. good afternoon on MW band...is good propagation up to 1000km
     ...20kW maby more.Who is he talking about? I'm going to look for a MW
 - - it's a conversation about other pirate stations on MW and not about yourself. ;D
     I confirm, to see today's entries on  MW Free Radio
2329 ID...music program will be end
2335 DJ announced another own transmitter on 1,64MHz !!!!!! song"We Lowe The Pirates"
2337  ;D ;D ;D ;D confirmed tomorrow new transmitter on 1,64, bye bye 2338 TRX off
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Re: Zeppelin Radio 7726 AM 1921 utc 18 mar 2019
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2019, 2204 UTC »
2201 UTC Unid easy listening music fading in and out of the noise here(directly)
2204 UTC "Skylark"-Anita O'Day (per Shazam.....some S3 peaks!)
2206 UTC "Them There Eyes"-Carmen McRae (Per Shazam)
2210 UTC "Everytime We Say Goodbye"-Chet Baker (Per Shazam)
2214 UTC "I'm Nobody's Baby"-Mildred Bailey (Per Shazam....sounds like OM talking over the music?)
2217 UTC "Maybe I'm A Fool"-Aretha Franklin (OM still talking over the music?)
2222 UTC "Silver's Blue"-Horace Silver (Per Shazam)
(2225 UTC OM with clear "Zeppelin Radio" ID...OM talking over the music)
2226 UTC "I've Got You Under My Skin"-Mel Torme (Per Shazam)
(2227 UTC I heard the DJ say something about "? in the USA"....maybe a shoutout?  :) )
Signal still audible here at 2240 UTC while I eat some pizza for dinner! Thanks for the show Zeppelin Radio!  8)
2242 UTC Faded out or OFF? I have no carrier now
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