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Author Topic: Strange whistling sound on "The Pip" frequency at 3756 kHz  (Read 226 times)

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Today, I recorded a strange whistling sound on "The Pip" frequency at 3756 kHz.

I've been monitoring the 80 meter band after reading a post on Reddit from a user who claims to have heard the old Lincolnshire Poacher signal being transmitted there. While listening and studying the waterfall, I noticed an unusual signal on top of the Russian frequency holder signal "The Pip" at 3756 kHz. It stopped just shortly after I tuned to that frequency and started up my screen recorder. To my ear, the "whistling" sounds like it might be actually coming from the lips of a human being. Couple this with the fact that the "Poacher" has been heard on that band, it suggests to me that there are pranksters aplenty afoot on that band (and in the past, I have heard from others this section of the amateur band is notorious for a lot of weird activity from European amateurs).

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Re: Strange whistling sound on "The Pip" frequency at 3756 kHz
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2019, 1811 UTC »
Hard to get peak power reading via ssb without a clean tone, or cw carrier.Coulda just been a HAM qrming this strange beacon.
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