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Author Topic: Starting a Keto diet  (Read 1533 times)

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Starting a Keto diet
« on: April 25, 2019, 2109 UTC »
 I started my keto diet yesterday. I hope to lose my belly fat and get down to 190 lbs .Any thoughts comments  or  ideas much appreciated
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Re: Starting a Keto diet
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2019, 2225 UTC »

A few random thoughts from my experience over the years:

Don't focus on or think about the foods you can't / shouldn't eat, but instead on what you can eat.

Your body will go through a period of adapting to a keto / low carb lifestyle, which can take some time. If you do feel hungry, it's better to eat as much of a low carb food as you want than even a little bit of a high carb food. A pound of bacon is better for you than a handful of candy.

if you do "fall off the wagon", don't get discouraged, or consider giving up. It happens. Just go back to eating the right way. The hardest part about keto is the trip to the supermarket. If you can make it back home without buying junk, you are most of the way there. Load up on meats, cheeses, eggs, and low carb veggies.  Watch out for "hidden" carbs in foods, read the nutrition label very carefully. For example, I have checked out various brands of Italian sausage. Some have 1g carbs per link, others have 5g ! For the same sized link. Most fruits have been bred by humans for thousands of years to be unnaturally high in sugar, so you have to be careful, most are just too full of sugar to be safe to eat.

Weight loss is *very* uneven. The best description I have read is that we are bags of mostly water, with some other stuff mixed in. Your water weight will go up and down, which can mask true weight loss. So don't get discouraged if your weight goes up a few pounds overnight now and then, it is just water. It s completely impossible to gain a few pounds of fat overnight. Of course the converse is true, if your weight goes down two or three pounds overnight, it was also mostly water.  Feel free to weigh yourself every day, but average your results, mentally, or with an app if you wish. Or just plot it out on a graph  :)

You will likely lose a few pounds quickly (I think I lost 7 my first week, but that was many years ago and I was younger) which is mostly water - eating sugar/carbs tends to make you retain water, so you can drop quite a bit at once. Then you might lose a pound or so a week, depending on lots of factors. Unfortunately less as you get older, that's just the way it works.  I have also noticed that it is common to slowly gain a little (water) weight before you drop a few pounds. Weight loss seems to be somewhat staircase in pattern. Yoo will sit at a certain weight for a while (or maybe even slightly creep up), then drop a pound or two. Then repeat.
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Re: Starting a Keto diet
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2019, 1110 UTC »
I've been keto for almost 2 years for health improvement,  not weight loss.

Here are my observations that may save you some time searching for answers:

If you've been timid about using salt and have no medical reason to avoid salt, Inrease you table salt intake. I use Morton Lite Salt which is a mix of sodium and potassium salts. Also, a magnesium citrate supplement daily. All of these addressed leg cramps I got. Now resolved.

Buy some Ketostix (OTC) and check urine for fat-burning byproduct acetoacetate. Ketostix are about $14 at  Target and CVS near me.

Get a free carb tracker app for your phone: the two I found helpful are Carb Manager  and Lifesum. Both are free. Track everything you eat for two weeks...soon you'll see what foods to minimize due to high carbohydrate content.

Checkout dietdoctor.com

If you are diabetic, virtahealth.com

Good luck with it.
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