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6925 USB Dead Cat Radio & animal sound weirdness


Not a clue whether these were related...

6925 USB
0320-0400 UTC: Various sound effects and animal noises, with long lulls of dead air between each: Horses neighing and galloping, monkey chatter, hogs, cows, donkeys, birds, etc.

0404-0425 UTC: Felix the Cat theme song, pop music including Belinda Carlisle, Sarah MacLachlan ("Sweet Surrender" and "Stupid"), ended with what sounded like audio clip from movie "The Exorcist", Elmer Fudd "Kill da wabbit!" and female voice ID for Dead Cat Radio.

SINPO - 42323
Strong signal at times, moderate static crashes, a lotta ute/data and CW QRM, some fading, but good overall.

30 minute audio clip for whole mess: http://www.mediafire.com/?wifniduo0r5

(N. Central TX - Palstar R30C, 25' magnet wire up a tree.)


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