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Author Topic: DNB logs for May 2019  (Read 2391 times)

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DNB logs for May 2019
« on: May 19, 2019, 1207 UTC »
After around three weeks of virtually nothing on the DNB band, an excellent opening was experienced tonight, 19th May 2019 (UTC date). Signals varied from around 419 to 579 report, the band was low on noise but some harmonics from the AM broadcast band evident 2.450-2.490MHz.

Just as an aside, some 172 unique DNB call signs were logged as the end total for the month of April 2019, the lowest heard on 1.712MHz and the highest on 2.777MHz.

For May 2019 I have logged 203 unique call signs from 1.711MHz through to 2.784MHz, so back to the very start again from 01st June 2019.  Just to clarify, a Unique Call means it has been logged for the first time that month, it may have also been heard in the month previous.


DNB's 2.069MHz AQ3 and 2.087MHz UX6, plus 2.565MHz DN3 were all transmitting continuous with no key off cycle.

Some ATNO's were also logged plus a few regulars tonight/this morning (my time).

Nice to hear two 3X1 (Three letters & one number) callsigns plus a 2 X 2 (two letters & two numbers) which are not common here so are welcomed additions. A unique 1 X 3 (One number plus three letters) was also logged as a new one.

Also note 2.381MHz "ZP0" has been around for nearly two straight months.

Freq    Call       UTC    RST  Comments

1.711  AK5     1105z  529     a new logging.
1.916  ZO3     1125z  519      a new logging.

1.978.5  FK36  1532z  559 a new logging, also different type of beacon, no cycle, Selcal activated by Mother Ship, no preceding or ending carrier either.
1.978.5  FO85  1540z  539   - as above -

2.005    7G      1935z  559   as per comments above for 1.978.5 loggings.
2.005    8F       1634z  529   as per comments above for 1.978.5 loggings.

2.007  BC9     1930z  519     a new logging.
2.010  FY1     1238z  419      a new logging.
2.032  CR7    2003z  519      a new logging.
2.033  EF6     1025z  419      a new logging.
2.048  CO6   2005z   539      a new logging.
2.050  FU3     0945z  519      a new logging.
2.058  LT6     2000z  519      a new logging.
2.068  JU7     1956z  529      a new logging.
2.069  AQ3    1938z   519     continuous transmission, new logging.
2.087  UX6    2007z   519     continuous transmission, new logging.
2.088  BB9     1932z  419     a new logging.
2.099  AM0    2009z  539     a new logging.
2.139  4FRL    1933z  529     a new logging.
2.149  AO1     0949z  529     a new logging.
2.218  AN94   2030z  529     a new logging.
2.226  CA6     1020z  319     last heard 18th April.
2.250  AP2     1043z  559     last heard 13th April.
2.255  DP5     1050z  539     last heard 19th April.
2.281  BR1     1230z  519     last heard 14th April.
2.300  BC5     1115z  539     last heard 15th April.
2.305  DZ3     0941z  419     last heard 19th April.
2.307  BMD1   1039z  549    a new logging.
2.317  BMP9   1042z  539    a new logging.
2.325  UW6    1002z  529    a new logging.
2.338  SS5     1054z  559    last heard 14th April.
2.365  UW4    1000z  539    last heard 13th April.
2.367  RG4     1045z  519    last heard 19th April.
2.381  ZP0     0956z  579     last heard 23rd March.
2.390  EL4     1017z  549     last heard 19th April.
2.391  CG7    1116z  559     last heard 13th April.
2.398  QX4    1128z  519     last heard 18th April.
2.415  BL1     0913z  419    last heard 19th April.
2.417  QH0    0920z  529    a new logging.
2.423  EA4     0958z  539    last heard 18th April.
2.437  SK0    1042z  419     last heard 13th April.
2.509  PO0    1029z  419     a new logging.
2.521  AX3    1055z  519     last heard 18th April.
2.547  XP0    0927z  559     a new logging.
2.552  KL8    1946z  539     last heard 18th April.
2.553  CB4    1100z  539     a new logging.
2.565  DN3    0922z 419     continuous tx, last heard 23 April.
2.567  SY1    1944z  419     a new logging
2.607  QZ5   1953z  519     a new logging.
2.635  UL9    0900z  519     a new logging.
2.679  ZZ0    1241z  519    last heard 19th April.

I will update the list above as time permits during May.  Any one hearing any of the above please post a reply here with logging details, much appreciated.  It is assumed that the above beacons posted are in the Asia/Pacific region.
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