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Author Topic: North Korean V28 for month of October, 2019  (Read 1315 times)

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North Korean V28 for month of October, 2019
« on: October 07, 2019, 1337 UTC »
Looks like North Korean station V28 has shifted operations from ~1200z (in use past couple months) to ~1300z, starting 01 Oct.  I assume it shifted Oct 01.

I had been making automated (since I am off to work before this time on week days) recordings, daily, of the transmissions on ~5150 kHz at ~1200z for a couple of months, and on 30 Sep, 2019, the station was there as expected.  On 01 and 02 Oct no transmission was captured in the recordings.  So on 03 Oct I searched and found the transmission at ~1300z, where it has been every day since.

For those not familiar with V28's habits, it is best to call them "loose".

The frequency in use can vary quite a bit day-to-day.  Today it started its transmission on 5150.6 kHz, but yesterday it was initially on 5148.7 kHz.  So to record or search for this station you have to include the target freq +/- a bit, I just record a 50 kHz wide chunk.  Also, the transmitter is drifty.  Today the transmission started on 5150.6 kHz but 6 minutes later it had drifted down to about 5150.2 kHz.

The time also varies a bit day to day.  For the last couple months the start time has been ~1200 UTC.  However most days it started about 1202 UTC.  Some days as early as 1201, some days as late as 1204.  Most transmissions have been about 6 to 8 minutes long.  There may be other time slots in use also, but the 1200 / 1300 slots tend to work best for my reception so those are the ones I tend to notice most.

This month (Oct, 2019) as I said it appears the station has shifted to ~1300 UTC, this mornings transmission started at 1304z.

So, for this month, it looks like the frequency is about 5150 kHz, and the start time is about 1300 UTC.

In addition to other time slots, there are also probably other freqs in use, even in the 1300z time slot.  I have seen this station transmitting on up to 4 different frequencies at the same time.  These are not simulcasts, each freq would be a different voice.

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