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Author Topic: Radio Illuminati Christmas Special 5145 am 1603 utc 25 Dec 2019 Broadcast  (Read 2005 times)

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Good Reception

1603 Music - "Charlie Brown Christmas Special Theme"
1606 "Mistress for Christmas". AC/DC
1613 Joan Jett Christmas tune
1617 Unid Christmas tune, 40's?
1621 "Winter Wonderland"
1623 Reception fading a bit, music is just above floor now
1629 "Stepping into Christmas" Elton John
1633 Signal gone
1644 "Silent Night & Christmas Card From A Hooker in Minneapolis" Tom Waits. Reception coming back
1649 "Greensleeves"
AC, how 'bout the first pirate broadcast of "Merry Christmas in East Haven ('staven)?".
 I'll explain if played.
1656 "The Season's Upon Us" Dropkick Murphys
1700 People invite themselves over his house.  Signal going again.
1712 Happy New Year song
1739 "Merry Christmas from East Haven"   So, when I (of Italian ancenstry) relocated to Southern Connecticut four decades ago, I learned, and true to this date, that by percentage the Greater New Haven is the home to the most Italian Americans.  The town which surpasses all is East Haven.  A New Haven DJ did this tongue and cheek song about Italian customs around the Holidays.  How very true, I take no offense.  East Haven is slurred to 'staven by the locals.  Had my seven fishes last night  ;)!  Thanks, AC - you're the best!!!  Time for the annual Christmas family stroll, I'll be back.

Thanks, AC for the accompaniment to opening gifts 🎅!
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1603 Peanuts Christmas Special music. SIO 444.
Chris Smolinski
Westminster, MD
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Good S6-S7 signal with fading at 1607 UTC. Playing AC/DC.
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1607 - "Mistress For Christmas" AC/DC, S5 and fair copy
Northeast Kentucky
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S6 signal into NE Ohio at 16:10 UTC. Nice Christmas music, thank you for the show and Merry Christmas!!
Location: NE Ohio

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1624 UTC "Rock and Roll Christmas"-George Thorogood & Destroyers
1627 UTC Azimuth Coordinator with Christmas greetings, into "Step Into Christmas"-Elton John
(S8 signal peaks with some moderate fades into the noise)
1635 UTC "Santa Claus is Coming To Town"-Bruce Springsteen
1639 UTC "It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas"-Pet Shop Boys
1643 UTC "Jingle Bells" instrumental on electric piano?
1644 UTC OM with "Merry Christmas from Recycle Radio", into Tom Waits live singing "Silent Night/Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis"
1649 UTC OM with "Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays from Recycle Radio", into "Greensleeves"-Ben Keith & Friends (Neil Young vocals)
1656 UTC "X-FM" ID, into "The Seasons Upon Us"-Dropkick Murphys
1700 UTC Redhat X-FM ID
Just kicking back and enjoying the show! Signal is still holding up nicely at 1710 UTC!
Good to hear Partial India Radio and Channel Z!
1726 UTC National Anthem

1739 UTC "Christmas Time In East Haven" (CT-Yankee gets his request!)
1742 UTC "Father Christmas"-The Kinks
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Fair to good signal on a SDR in Milford, PA
16.25 "Rock'n Roll Christmas"
16.27 Christmas greetings from ION-Radio and the Azimuth Coordinator
16.27 song
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1637 Tune-in, with Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming To Town".  S7 in NY, nice clear audio. 
1639 Pet Shop Boys - "It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas" (a new tune for me)
1644 Christmas greetings from  Recycle Radio, then Tom Waits "Silent Night/Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis".
1650 Ben Keith "Greensleeves"
1656 Greetings from Outhouse, then Dropkick Murphys "The Season's Upon Us"
1700 X-FM season's greetings
1701 Poem about Lutefisk ("Lutefisk Lament")
1706  "Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo"
1708 Greetings from Sanjay and Harold Krishna of Partial India Radio
1710 "Jingle Bells", Krishna stylie
1718 Greetings from Channel Z Radio, then Hilly Kristal with "I Wish You A Merry Christmas".
1722 Patti Smith Group "White Christmas"
1724 Mashup of greetings and IDs from the ops.  Greetings from the Azimuth Coordinator.
1726 National Anthem
1727 SSTV
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S4 Here in eastern mass.
Merry Christmas Azimuth Coordinator!

1635 - "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" - Springsteen
1639 - "It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas" - Pet Shop Boys
1643 - "Jingle Bells"
1644 - "Merry Christmas from Recycle Radio"
1644 - "Silent Night/Christmas Card From A Hooker in Minneapolis" - Tom Waits
1649 - Recycle Radio ID into" Greensleeves" - Ben Keith
1656 - "The Season's Upon Us" - Dropkick Murphys
1700 - Seasons Greetings from Redhat at X-FM
1706 - AZ chatting
1706 - "Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo" - Cowboy Timmy
1709 - Christmas Christmas Greetings from Sanjay and Partial India Radio

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1608 Thank God It’s Christmas Queen
1613 2000 Miles Pretenders
1620 Walking In A Winter Wonderland Dolly Parton
1623 ID into Rock and Roll Christmas George Thorogood
1627 Azimuth Coordinator wishing all our worldwide listeners a safe and happy holiday season into Step Into Christmas Elton John
1631 Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You Billy Squier
1634 Santa Claus Is Coming To  Town Bruce Springsteeen
1639 It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas Pet Shop Boys
1643 Jingle Bells on piano
1644 Merry Christmas from Recycle Radio into Silent Night/Christmas Card From A Hooker Tom Waits
1649 Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays from Recycle Radio into Greensleeves
1657 The Seasons Upon Us Dropkick Murphys
1700 Merry Christmas from XFM into Lutefisk Lament
1705 Thanks to the Azimuth Coorodinator for airing the show
1706 Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo
1708 XFM ID
1708 Merry Christmas from Sanjay and Harold Krishna
1709 subcontinental music Jingle Bells
SIO 444

Online myteaquinn

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Nice Christmas morning present. Nice program with all of the participating pirate operators but the signal is weak and the noise is making it hard to hear at times. Thanks for the broadcast AC. 
Northeast Ohio
Now using Shazam for song identification

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Been listening since 1600 UTC and enjoying the programs. Good to hear all the pirates together. Thanks for the show.
SINPO: 44444 via Uniontown PA sdr. 

AC - know this is a long shot but do you have Christmas With Devil by Spinal Tap
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Merry Christmas..   Thanks for listening..   CT Yankee your request is after the SSTV
QTH: A Clandestine location on the East Coast
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11:15 central 5.145 khz am...radio illuminati id merry Christmas and thanks to all participating pirates to the Christmas show...into Christmas song then into I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...heard Dr Detroit wishing a merry Christmas also recycle radio xfm channel z.into national anthem....good signal into my pocket rxtx app via dc sdr.  Merry Christmas from Gary in Minnesota and thanks for the show 😁 please qsl gdiek62@gmail.com thanks👍...

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Just tuned in for the last 10 minutes. Great S-9 sig and modulation!  Thanks AC!
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