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Author Topic: Camslant Point Reyes Active Tonight  (Read 1088 times)

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Camslant Point Reyes Active Tonight
« on: February 15, 2012, 0422 UTC »
Camslant Point Reyes (PAC) Active on COTHEN freq 5732u and 7527u, also CG freq 5696u tonight:

03:21z:  working Rescue 1703:(voice/ALE) flt ops nl, pos:  30 24N, 116 32W

03:28z: working CG 1702 (voice/ALE): flt ops nl, pos: 35 45 N, 111 42W

03:35z :  USCG Midgett(ALE ID HWR) attempting to contact USCGHC K13 on 7527u (no response copied here)


04-00-04:06: PAC many attempts to contact CG 1402 on all 3 above freqs, finally results in flight ops report
difficult to copy, xcept for  "Shut down number 4 engine" was in the report  :o , PAC  request for reports  every 15 min.
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