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Author Topic: UNID 6840usb OM "Signal One" Repeating 2222utc 03-03-2012  (Read 836 times)


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UNID 6840usb OM "Signal One" Repeating 2222utc 03-03-2012 -- OM voice in EE repeating "Signal One" ; Some other sorta signal mixed in @2227utc--Data?QRM? Was hearing something similar on 6843.9usb earlier ( see other post for recordings) but couldn't copy as well as here. A test, maybe?

End @2235utc.

A quick clip: UNID_SignalOne_6840usb_2222-2235utc_20120303.mp3

Note: There seems to be a bunch of activity on frequency around 6840usb this evening.

Note 2: Heard a very brief tx of this same thing on 6925 AM a bit later but didn't think to note the UTC. Curious.
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