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Author Topic: COOL AM RADIO via Mix Radio International 6880 USB 2310 UTC 9 April 2020  (Read 1711 times)

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SINPO: 44444 via Uniontown PA sdr.

Heard playing an instrumental tune - rock. I can't remember the name of but from 1980's.

Thanks for the broadcast and tunes. 
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Reciever: Degen DE-1103

PSE-QSL to big_badfish_al@proton.me Note new email address.
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Must be a big signal ...

Hearing weak, just barely audible music directly here near Seattle as of 2319 UTC. Via the SDR in Weiser, Idaho, it's a pretty fair signal with bluesy rock.

2329 UTC: "See See Rider" by Jimmy Rushing. The signal strength's taken a huge leap up in the past few minutes. Coming in good to the Idaho SDR and nearly fair further out west at my QTH.
2333 UTC: "Sent For You Yesterday" by Jimmy Rushing.
2337 UTC: COOL AM ID and email address (didn't quite catch that) in synth female voice.
2338 UTC: "Roll 'Em Pete" by Jimmy Rushing. The signal's faded out a little here, but it's still audible. Those fast piano notes are cutting through the static!
2342 UTC: COOL AM ID with reverb effect, right into "Evenin'" by Jimmy Rushing.
2348 UTC: "S.K. Blues Part 1" by Big Joe Turner.
2350 UTC: Male voice ID'ing COOL AM being relayed by Mix Radio International, followed by repeated COOL AM IDs.
2352 UTC: "Tom Cat Blues" by Lightnin' Slim.

Thanks for the COOL music!
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Eric Fetters-Walp / eQSL to fettwalp@outlook.com

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2321 SIO 555
Chris Smolinski
Westminster, MD
eQSLs appreciated! csmolinski@blackcatsystems.com
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S6 a bit noisy into eastern mass this evening
2320 - "Rockin' Man" - Jimmy McCracklin
2323 - "Good Morning Blues" - Jimmy Rushing
2328 - ID-  "Cool AM"
2329 - "See See Rider" - Jimmy Rushing
2333 - "Sent For You Yesterday" - Jimmy Rushing
2338 - "Roll 'em Pete" - Jimmy Rushing
2342 - ID: "Cool Am Radio"
2343 - "Evenin" - Jimmy Rushing
2355 - "Chicken Shack Boogie" - Amos Milburn
0000 - "Poor Kelly Blues" - Big Maceo
0006 - "Low Rider's Blues" - Blind Willie McTell
0011 - ID: "Cool AM Radio" with email addy for reception reports
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All Reception direct and local on Cape Cod, MA
"Right here, right now"
Please eQSL to: swradio@comcast.net

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Online Ray Lalleu

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on 6880 USB     direct
2327 blues, 2328 ID : Cool AM, blues
2337 ID : Cool AM Radio, @hotmail.com, via Mix Radio Int., piano boogie,
2342 ID, piano-singer-saxo, etc
2350 Cool AM Radio Blues Bar, more announcements
2352 now, blues with harmonica   ... 2357 "One scotch one bourbon one beer"

0011 last Cool AM Radio ID
0012 many IDs for Radio 48, 0014 music
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D/E/F/G/It/Sp : Dutch/English/French/German/Italian/Spanish
+/- : about 0.02 offset, ++/-- 0.03/0.04 offset
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signal S8+- on the SDR in Fort Rucker, AL
23.30 song by a man (jazz)
23.33 song by a man (jazz)
23.37 ID + email address
23.37 music (piano)
23.42 ID
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A German living in Bali / Indonesia
I use WebSDR’s
please QSL to: fschuettig_dx1@yahoo.com

Offline myteaquinn

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Solid signal here S9+. Time to listen to the show as I spruce up the radio room.
Northeast Ohio
Now using Shazam for song identification

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Fair reception, noise

2334 Sounds like Dixieland Jazz
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I thought this was Mix??? Lol
Piano buggy woogie!
If this MIX, your booming in here Central Florida...Tnx for QSL..yeap your doing well.
SK Blues Part 1 Big Joe Turner
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Thank you!
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Coming in quite well with Blues music  2348 and into ID Cool AM Radio
73 Best of DX Shawn Axelrod 
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Winnipeg MB Canada
QSL's can be e-mailed to amandx@mymts.net
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I thought this was Mix??? Lol
Piano buggy woogie!
If this MIX, your booming in here Central Florida...Tnx for QSL..yeap your doing well.
SK Blues Part 1 Big Joe Turner

Your welcome. Thank you all.
Mix.Radio.International [at] ProtonMail [dot] com


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2356 - SIO 444 into west Michigan.  Nice, fat signal.  Great music.

Offline JohnS

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Nice signal rolling into eastern Nebraska
With some old fashion rock&roll.
ID and contact info at 0000.
Bluesy song after that.
Just a boy with his radio and some wire.
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
QSLs always appreciated.

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0006z, old blues jams coming in just over the noise here in NH.

Tecsun PL880 and a wire!

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