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Author Topic: comparing software to control sdr's  (Read 1542 times)


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comparing software to control sdr's
« on: April 18, 2020, 0215 UTC »
Ok, not intending to start a "squabble", but thought I'd give my opinion for the best over-all software for sdr's... (at least the one's that my  Elad sdr support).

I've tested:

The Elad "native" software SW2
GQRX (linux)

So ... My personal "go-to" and recommendation is .... HDSDR. Here's why I make that choice:

Imho, hdsdr is the most "intuitive"... if you've never used it, it has the shortest "learning curve" to get up and running.
It supports a number of audio output sample rates instead of being stuck on the default soundcard rate.
You can almost instantly change the audio output bandwidth by dragging either low freq or high freq markers with the mouse.
It seems to use the least amount of cpu resources of the listed software.
Nearly all the fft parameters are on sliders, making any adjustment in spectrum or waterfall very quick.

And this is a huge one for me ... manual audio notches... and a good number of them can be quickly set. It is so disappointing
not to have notches available on the more elaborate software. I don't see how anyone gets by without the use of them.

Noise blanking... yes the others have them but time after time in comparisons, the 2 blankers (Rf and If), have repeatedly dealt with my local noise much better than the others.

Sensitivity... after exhaustive testing using wsjt-x in wspr mode to decode and record steady groundwave signals from lf to 160m, hdsdr will deliver decodes at a better snr than the others.

I've tried every piece of software that will work with this sdr, and enjoy the "eye candy" they provide, but sometimes "more is not better". I love the simplicity, and just the all around performance that hdsdr delivers. I've always come back to it after numerous rx sessions with the the rest.

p.s. I'm not "associated" with hdsdr in any way, and have nothing to gain by promoting it. Just sharing with others my experiences using sdr software. 

YMMV :-)

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Re: comparing software to control sdr's
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2020, 1837 UTC »
HDSDR is my goto for almost any single channel use for an sdr. Nothing beats it as far as cpu use/performance ratio.
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Re: comparing software to control sdr's
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2020, 2204 UTC »

Agreed Josh on the single channel use. If I need two channels, I have to use the Elad software.