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Author Topic: Turtlehead Radio 6925 LSB 0450Z March 24  (Read 1274 times)

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Turtlehead Radio 6925 LSB 0450Z March 24
« on: March 24, 2012, 0454 UTC »
Tuned in after start; good signal here S7-S9

0458 Space music
0508 Difficult to make out; audio really distorted
0513 Come On Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runners
0516 Cars, Gary Numan
0520 Don't You Want Me, Human League
0524 ID Turtlehead Radio
0525 Dancing With Myself, Billy Idol
0530 Need You Tonight, INXS
0536 I Want Candy
0538 First 15 sec of Come On Eileen ID Turtlehead Radio
0540 "Come On I'm Gonna Hit You"
0540 ID by Colonel Turtlehead, Goodnight, shoutout to Zackers, Catherwood and Token!

Voice says "Thank You Turtlehead!"

0543 One more shoutout to Catherwood and the rest of us, conversation between another station (The Eccentric One from Eccentric Shortwave) and Turtlehead! Hopes to have another show this weekend.

Thanks for the show Turtlehead! 73 and Good Night
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Re: Free Radio (?) 6925 LSB 0450Z March 24
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2012, 0514 UTC »
05:11z right at noise level in the very middle of America. Sounds like Zeppelin "Whole Lotta of Love"
05:12 "Come on Eileen"
05:16z "Cars"
05:20z Hmm, I lived through the eighties as an adult, I should remember this one. "Don't you want me, baby..." sig up to +5Db
05:24z "Get in my Belly!" Austin Powers clip
05:24z ??? Good copy, I just don't recognize the tune.
05:39z "Come on Eileen" reprise a few bars
05:39z Voices with some echo. Can't make out.
05:40z Sounds like live announcer, but too noisy. "Thank you (someone)"
05:41z gone
05:43z Okay, not gone, I think I hear "Col. Turtlehead"? I didn't hear "Catherwood", did I?

Someone calling Col. Turtlehead. Good copy on the exchange between caller and the Col. "Hope to have another show Sat. or Sun."
05:44z Signoff.

Audio is a little thin, but pretty legible now. Sig not really building much, but the noise level is coming down. Also getting the static crashes here, of course.

Thanks for the show!

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Re: Free Radio (?) 6925 LSB 0450Z March 24
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2012, 0526 UTC »
ID of Turtlehead Radio at 0524.

Lots of 80's music seems to be the focus tonight.

Cars, Gary Numan, Don't you Want Me, Huamn League.

Host is Col Turtlehead.

Mojave Desert, California, USA
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