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Author Topic: New voice for Korean language numbers station V24, April 02, 2012  (Read 1426 times)

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Hello all,

This morning it appears that V24 used a new voice for its only transmission of
the day.

The schedule (latest here
http://token_radio.home.mchsi.com/V24_M94_latest_sched.JPG ) indicated there
should be three transmissions today. However, both of the 5115 kHz slots did
not go today, and only the 6215 kHz 1500 UTC slot was active.

I was not really listening to the transmissions, only tuning a receiver to them
to confirm they did or did not go, and I tuned to the 6215 kHz freq several
minutes after the transmission started, after the music would have been
complete. I was surprised to hear the station on the air, but using a voice I
have never heard before.

I started recording at that time, but had missed the entire callup.

The ending is different from past transmissions, but the format was still 5f 2/3
and 3/2.

Video of the last several minutes of the transmission here:

Tomorrow there should be 5 transmissions, and I will record all of them form the
beginning of each time period. It will be interesting to see if the new voice
is used for all transmissions.

Mojave Desert, California USA