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Author Topic: Dr. Who 6925 USB  (Read 1283 times)

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Dr. Who 6925 USB
« on: April 16, 2012, 0500 UTC »
4/16/12, 6925 USB, 0455z: Bruce Hornsby "The Way It Is", live on mic ID "This is the Dr Who and friends radio hour", monologue theme seems to be generally about personal independence and responsibility, government intrusion, etc.
0512z: "Once you start feeding the rats they start breeding," something about sterilization and eugenics.  Due to fades, not sure of context.  Seems to be conversation between two or more fellows about personal liberties, government welfare, etc.
0517z: Segue to music while they get a refill.  Dream Academy "Life In A Northern Town".
0522z: "...we have a heckler... not a lot of listeners... children hecklers on the air..."  Not hearing any QRM here.  Ignore 'em and carry on, signal is pretty good here.
0527z: QSO with someone from Mississippi?  Other party barely audible.
0531z: Dr Who signing off.

Mentioned broadcast maybe only audible toward the east and Europe, might not be audible toward western US.  Coming in fair to good here in Texas.  Not too much noise but roller coaster peaks and fades.

Not sure whether this is the same Dr. Who associated with MAC Shortwave?
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Re: Dr. Who 6925 USB
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2012, 0507 UTC »
Rough copy here. Right at my (high) noise level. S8, a lot of static, light QSB.

05:03z Discussion of some political sort. "ignorant, uneducated...." "Most heavily reproducing.. What's going to happen in another million years..." (Sounds like an "Idiocracy" scenario, hah!)
05:05z "Gonna hand it off to one of my co-hosts"

I Wandered off for bit to lower part of 40m

05:28z Two way QSO. Mention of life elsewhere than on this little rock
05:29z Hoping we had some listeners not in this country
05:30z Hearing mentions of Red Mercury Labs
05:21z Sign off. "Good job Dr Who, good job"

Kind of odd. Interesting enough I wish I'd heard it better.

Only catching bits and pieces.
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Re: Dr. Who 6925 USB
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2012, 2135 UTC »
Recorder catch:

6925 USB SIO 323-433

Decent to good signal through the crash with fading at times. There was some testing and a QSO before the broadcast with heckling as well.  Similar details as Lex & Catherwood.  Believe this is a different station, not MAC.

03:47z-04:20z Dr. Who testing & QSO before show

Audio: http://archive.org/download/ShortwaveOddsSodsTransmissions/DrWhoQso6925Usb0347z-0420z04-16-12.mp3

04:52z-05:33z  Dr. Who show & QSO

Audio (complete show): http://archive.org/download/ShortwavePirateRadioCont/DrWho6925Usb0452z-0533z04-16-12.mp3

Thanks DR. Who! :)

NP JF :)
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Re: Dr. Who 6925 USB
« Reply #3 on: April 17, 2012, 0143 UTC »

Thanks for the audio files.   Very interesting!
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