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Author Topic: Trashed commercial RG-11 CATV coax? Lots of various possibilities here.  (Read 1283 times)

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After doing rip-down for Field Day 2017, a friend of mine asked if I wanted abandoned, ground run, RG-11 coax. Mind you, it's pretty much useless as actually coax, due to years of water contamination, but I see the potential in that solid, outer, aluminum, conductor, that has a heavy PVC coating. The potential is using that for various antenna construct projects, or even as a great GND conductor, at better than 1/2" diameter. Thus far??? I've made an experimental 2M Delta Loop for 144MHz SSB, and that hears stations during the ARRL VHF contests. (I need way better coax to that than RG-59 for TX'ing, but still a nice RX test.) Together, the friend and myself, ripped out more than 1/8 of a mile of that old RG-11. Plans??? Make a LW / MW W.O.G., (Wire On Ground.), O.C.F. Dipole, and various Loop Antennas. Has anyone else done this with trashed RG-11? Hey, the price was right.
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Re: Trashed commercial RG-11 CATV coax? Lots of various possibilities here.
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2020, 0708 UTC »
I could see it being good for antennas, if you can connect to it, crimp something down on it. Lots should be available because the copper content is low. There's an apartment house nearby that has a shitone of it on hooks all around the buildings from CA-TV and Dish installations, watching their dumpster.
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