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Author Topic: StationID 6543 AM 2345 UTC 01 Nov 2021 (Please use that format for subject)  (Read 1301 times)

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Please use that format for subject  :

1st : station name (or Unid), use 'Int.' for International,
you may add '(tent.) if the name is a real betting

2nd : frequency in kHz (rounded at the next kHz if well within +- 0.2 kHz from the kHz)
Rounded kHz are easier to read. Put the exact frequency with offset in the text if needed.

3rd : AM (or USB, or LSB...)

4th : UTC time in 24h HHMM format (then ' utc' or ' UTC')

5th : date (1 or 2 figures), month in 3 letters, year in 4 figures

That will be compatible with the format in the (North American) Shortwave forum.

Thanks for all to use that format, it's not perfect, but easy to read.

Remember : the subject can be edited later (particularly after a merging), so it's better to copy your tune-in time at the beginning of your text. Do so also with the exact frequency if you can get it. In the subject line, a rounded frequency is more legible, and also independent from minor drifting. Any frequency if well within 0.2 kHz offset is better to be rounded in the subject line, then the exact frequency is better at the first line of your report.

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