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Author Topic: El Buen Pescador (The Good Fisherman) 8989 USB 23:56z-00:20z 05-17_18-12  (Read 2044 times)

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8989 USB SIO 323

Good signal through the noise with little fade. This broadcast seem to fit the pattern of another unusual station I read about in Andrew's book - can't understand what's being said, but OM is giving some kind of monologue along with singing possibly religious material & at end of broadcast has a few QSO's.

23:56z-00:12z monologue in spanish from male Op
00:13z-00:16z singing intermixed with spoken phrases
00:17z-00:20z QSO's with others in spanish & off

Audio (00:13z-00:16z): http://archive.org/download/ShortwaveOddsSodsTransmissions/ElBuenPescadortheGoodFisherman8989Usb0013z-0016z05-18-12.mp3
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