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Author Topic: Venezuela 93.7 FM relay? 6906.1 AM(Carrier with USB) 2221 UTC 3 OCT 2020  (Read 839 times)

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Thank you very much for the ID on this Rafael! I assume that this is a relay of their streaming via an unknown pirate?? I searched online, but was unable to find a link to the stream, if indeed it exists.
Here is the link to their Facebook page:

It seems propagationally possible this is from the Venezuela/Cuba area of the Atlantic Ocean
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And it's really not quite a pirate, per World of Radio, they are applying for a license from the Venezuelan authorities.  Whether they get it or not is quite another matter, given the large number of MW stations that have been closed by the authorities, not to mention the numerous HF outlets they had some 20 odd years ago.
Evidently it's something of a 'test transmission' running, at least as reported about 50 watts.

Whether it stays on the air as a 'pirate' if their application is denied (and that seems likely given the government situation) remains to be seen....Mike