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Author Topic: Venezuela 93.7 FM relay? 6906.1 AM(Carrier with USB) 2221 UTC 3 OCT 2020  (Read 837 times)

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UNID 6906 USB S2-S3 in NY (No clue if this is in US or South America)

2221: Jonathan Moly "Piensa En Mi"
2225: OM on the mic with possible I.D. in spanish ? into Los Melodicos "Mi Corazon"
2230: New song shazam doesn't hit on
2235: Los 50 De Joselito "Maria Teresa"
2237: OM with possible I.D. into Los Adolescentes Orquesta "Bailando"
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Venezuela 93.7 FM relay? 6906.1 AM(Carrier with USB) 2236 UTC 3 OCT 2020
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2236 UTC "Maria Teresa"-Los 50 de Joselito (Signal nicely above the noise here)
2237 UTC OM speaking?, into "Bailando"-Los Adolescentes Orquesta
2241 UTC OM in Spanish, into "Verano En Paris"-Jerry Di, Zion & Lennox featuring Noriel (second Shazam try says just "Jerry Di")
2246 UTC OM in Spanish, into "Cherea Mapi"-Alfredo Rojas y Su Caribe Show
2249 UTC "Y Voy Amarte"-Tecupae
2253 UTC Signal still above the noise here.....
2257 UTC Possible YL talking?
2301 UTC "Ay, Ay Carino"-Roberto Antonio
2305 UTC OM speaking, into "Venite Pa' Maracaibo"-Guaco
2310 UTC Signal has faded down to the noise floor, but still audible
2321 UTC "Sobran Los Momentos"-Nelson Arrieta & Ronald Borjas
2326 UTC "Huelepega"-Sandy & Papo
2336 UTC (I switched to USB) "Temperamento Sentimental"-Jose Luis Rodriguez
2338 UTC "Caso Perdido"-Daiquiri
2341 UTC OM in Spanish (I believe there was an ID in there...mention of Venezuela and "Transmite"), into "3am"-Sixto Rein, Kobi Cantillo & Razzer Buccarelli
2345 UTC OM speaking, into "Se Como Duele"-Karina (Signal is fair to good amidst light static crashes...excellent USB audio)

Very interesting!  8) The LSB component seems to be greatly reduced or missing. Definitely a carrier here.
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Here's a link to my recording from 2236-2306 UTC:
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Sounds like Venezuelan music, mentions of Venezuela....signal fair and rising at 2230 UTC in East coast North America
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Consistent 333 signal here
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S3 @ 2247, sounds like latin american music.
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S5 signal on MA sdr.

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pretty decent signal with Latin American music

Still running at about 0000 with a good signal. Sounds like a straight relay of a licensed station, with announcements, ads, etc.
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Very weak, at the noise floor, hearing music into Orlando. ALE and other  UTE's mixing.
2325 Sounded like talking, into music.
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S9 at 01:22
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LA music

S3 via SDR in the Netherlands

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signal S4 on the SDR in Vermont
01.43 song in Spanish (a man)
01.46 talking in Spanish / possible ID (a man)
01.46 song "Dos Inocentes"
01.50 talking in Spanish / possible ID (a man)
01.51 song (a man)
01.55 talking in Spanish / possible ID (a man)
01.55 song (a man)
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Hearing it via USB mode using Chris' SDR in Westminster, SDR. Only a bit audible out west here where I am.

0209 UTC: Latin American music.
0220 UTC: This one's starting to fade in above the noise floor out here near Seattle.
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S5 here in Georgia.

Yes, carrier with USB.
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SDR recording catch

Noted as early as 2030, it was probably there even earlier.  Seemed to be on 6906.081 kHz, carrier (reduced?) plus USB.
Chris Smolinski
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the name is Venezuela 93.7, from El Tigre, Edo. Anzoategui.
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