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Author Topic: ROCK AGAINST COMMUNISM INTERNATIONAL SERVICE 4186 USB 0129 UTC 16 November 2020  (Read 358 times)

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A station playing hard rock punk jammed WOBN with a most powerful signal.
Heard punk

0131 - punk music
0132 - more punk about stating a war
0133 - Joe Biden saying BUY A GUN SHOT
0134 - A speech we have open boarders but NO WORK so go back then into punk
0223 - sstv

0225 - OFF - carrier gone

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S6 here with SSTV @ 0125
0208 - still going, still S6 with ID
0225 - "Nowhere Man", possibly a different station now
0235 - SSTV, but signal has faded down into the noise
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131- "God of Thunder" by Skrewdriver.
132- Joe Biden speaking about not needing an AR-15 when a shotgun will do.
133- Brief clip of OM speaking about no work for you in the US.
133- Sort of death metal/punk combo by OM "Get Out, Get Out, Get Out."
135- Synth YL voice IDs, international service.
135- Irish sounding guitar ballad sung by OMs. "Victory Day" I believe.
140- Punk song by British OM.
142- Synth YL voice IDs something Against Communist Radio, International Service.
142- Voice clips re race issues. Joe Biden speaking in some. Anti-Biden clips.
146- Russian metal tune? Sounds like back in Molvania!
All reception direct.
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signal S8-9 on the SDR in Milford, PA
01.30 song "God of Thunder"
01.32 talking (clips)
01.33 song "Get Out" (?)
01.25 announcement (a woman) maybe ID
01.35 song Irish style
01.40 song Punk style (a man)
01.42 announcement (a woman) maybe ID
01.42 talking (clips)
01.46 song Punk style (a man)
01.50 ID (a woman)
01.50 song Punk style (a man)
01.54 song
01.56 song (a man)
01.59 ID (a woman)
01.59 song (a man)
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Just tuned in & heard ". . . Radio International Service" by YL into a song. Pretty noisy band conditions. At times, it seemed to be mixing with another station

Off after SSTV. I think I'm hearing traces of another station (WOBN?)
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Rock Against Communism International Service 4186 USB S1-S2 in NY

0151: YL with an I.D. into a death metal song (can’t get any of them to I.D. with shazam
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