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Author Topic: Test your RX DX'ing in the unofficial 3799kHz Euro DX Window.  (Read 842 times)

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Since I don't get home from work now, until stupid o'clock, (Like around 7:00UTC), I miss a lot of Amateur Radio activity, or do I? More and more, I hear the FREQ of 3799Khz being used as the LSB 75M DX Window to Europe. A good test for my Windom, as I can seem to copy 90% of what's trying to shoot over here. So, from about 1AM - 4AM EST on the East Coast, the Europeans are trying to shoot over here. The Big-Guns are the ones with 75M beams up over 100ft and running over 400W, but 100W, dipoled, stations have been heard over here. So, test your RX on that FREQ and find out what you can hear. Most stations report what power and antennas they are using, so even if you never intend to QSO on 3799kHz, it's certainly worth testing your RX capabilities there.
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Re: Test your RX DX'ing in the unofficial 3799kHz Euro DX Window.
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2020, 0140 UTC »
That's good to know. I can't talk to them until they're over 3800, but it would be nice to hear them, anyway. Which is far more unlikely out here, but you never know the way those skips and hops are gonna go. A lot of weird signals end up out here. Have you ever heard that South African guy who does little nets on 20m and 40m? He's usually in a part of the band that I as a General can't talk to. Thanks for the info!
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