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Author Topic: how can i in-hanse my long wire performance  (Read 12267 times)

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Re: how can i in-hanse my long wire performance
« Reply #30 on: September 08, 2012, 0127 UTC »

I've used a similar system,a Zebco 202 and Wrist Rocket for years,Beerus. One ounce egg sinker on the end of the the line to get it over the branch,and most importantly back down as mono can cut into wet bark,especially in broadleaf trees.

I've launched and erected antennas in the middle of nowhere in the soggiest of conditions with that thing. An  enclosed spincasting reel like the Zebco 202 makes the launching tangle free. You lay the reel on the ground,press the bail button,load the sling and let it fly.

Be very careful when using a one ounce weight,it can be lethal to someone downrange of you. It can also ricochet off of the trunk of the tree and come sailing back at your head. (Trust me on that one.)

The reel,wrist rocket,mono line and uv-resistant dacron "crab line",can all be found at that one stop pirate shop,Wal-Mart,for about 20-25 bucks before taxes.

The mono line and sinkers are the only things you'll ever replace regularly.

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Re: how can i in-hanse my long wire performance
« Reply #31 on: September 08, 2012, 0919 UTC »
As an alternative to fishing sinkers, I use small white pill bottles made of HDPE - the kind over the counter analgesics come in.  They're flexible enough to resist cracking.  Fill 'em with coffee, sugar or sand.  Snug a fishing line around the neck and I sling 'em over our trees with handheld fishing line, bolo style.  Our trees are only 20'-30' tall so it's easy.  If I miss, the plastic pill bottles won't break anything.
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