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« on: February 03, 2021, 2330 UTC »
Franklin D. Roosevelt aided and abetted in the Holocaust and was a Holocaust Denier until his Death.
@ChrisSmolinski “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist”
[Joe Biden 2007]
#Zionism was and still is a Movement Against Genocidal Mass Murder of Jewish People, a 'Safe Home" for the Jewish Diaspora that lasted 2000 Years, now you sick jew haters, bigots, Nazi sympathizers change the Meaning of Zionism and you are LIARS- Zionism was a movement to find Safety after Roosevelt Denied the Holocaust and gave Hitler 4 Years to Exterminate to kill as many Jews as possible. Franklin D. Roosevelt aided and abetted in the Holocaust and was a Holocaust Denier until his Death.Ward Churchill has achieved an unparalleled reputation as a scholar-activist and analyst of indigenous issues in North America. Here, he explores the history of holocaust and denial in this hemisphere, beginning with the arrival of Columbus and continuing on into the present.

He frames the matter by examining both "revisionist" denial of the nazi-perpatrated Holocaust and the opposing claim of its exclusive "uniqueness," using the full scope of what happened in Europe as a backdrop against which to demonstrate that genocide is precisely what has been-and still is-carried out against the American Indians.

Churchill lays bare the means by which many of these realities have remained hidden, how public understanding of this most monstrous of crimes has been subverted not only by its perpetrators and their beneficiaries but by the institutions and individuals who perceive advantages in the confusion. In particular, he outlines the reasons underlying the United States's 40-year refusal to ratify the Genocide Convention, as well as the implications of the attempt to exempt itself from compliance when it finally offered its "endorsement."

In conclusion, Churchill proposes a more adequate and coherent definition of the crime as a basis for identifying, punishing, and preventing genocidal practices, wherever and whenever they occur.

"Ward Churchill opens the X-Files of American history to examine the phenomenon of genocide in eight essays. . ." —Susan A. Miller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Churchill relates the history of genocide and the struggle for a definition of the term sufficiently accurate and comprehensive, to prevent the watering down of the concept, and to cut through the misleading rhetoric which now obfuscates debate, thereby permitting this and other genocides to continue. . ." —A. Clare Brandabur, Purdue University

"Churchill paints the whole picture here – from Columbus onwards, the major and significant struggles between an ignorant but brutal Conquistadores and the all-too-vulnerable American Tribes are analysed in a context of deliberate genocide. In terms of effectiveness, it surpasses the holocaust delivered upon European Jewry by the Nazi's." —Schnews.org.uk

Ward Churchill (enrolled Keetoowah Cherokee) is Professor of American Indian Studies with the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder. A member of the American Indian Movement since 1972, he has been a leader of the Colorado chapter for the past fifteen years. Among his previous books have been Fantasies of a Master Race, Struggle for the Land, Since Predator Came, and From a Native Son.
Old And Remember Ham Radio was 99% AM when I started SWLing with a Crystal Set, 1954, and BC-342-~N in 58.