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Un ident growling, reverb more, 6925 at about 0340z

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Could not get more as I caught the tail end of something!

Now muffled, w/reverb, cannot make it out .... too much compression.


Update: a minute's worth of the last part of the broadcast -


Good catch SWJ, thanks for the post.


Thanks Steve.

Also, here is a recommendation to 'those' out there: follow the lead of Ann Hoffer, not so much compression, but a well balanced audio signal stressing more the mid-range frequencies so that voices are understandable with the -weak- signals that we usually have ...

An exciter works just fine for that.  :)
Compression is not the problem, most of the time. Over-modulation is the culprit.
Since most good transmitters have a line audio input, there's occasionally the temptation to boost the signal, just to make it louder. Just enough will do exactly that. Too much and you just get unintelligible crap. (Technically called "clipping".)
Amateur equipment usually doesn't have a VU meter to monitor that stuff, so it's just a matter of tweaking the volume on your input source.
It's trial and error, but part of what makes the hobby so damn much fun. 


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