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Author Topic: Captain Beefheart tune on 6925 am mode 4:50 UTC  (Read 764 times)

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Captain Beefheart tune on 6925 am mode 4:50 UTC
« on: August 05, 2012, 0451 UTC »
Orange Claw Hammer by Captain Beefheart, about S6, loads of crashing static tonight.

Followed by nostalgic spoken word bits

Variety of southern accents voices

4:57  Male and female voices discussing philosophical concepts, "pure being," hard to read under noise
4:57  "Star Trek" TV theme music (90's version)
4:58  nostalgic commercial announcements
4:59  parody of "Cracklin Rosie" unknown performer
5:00  operator's voice giving song credits, can't hear station ID
5:03  music and sound effects
5:04  somebody on electric organ and talking
5:05  fake little boy voice raving about something
5:06  man talking about mushrooms, "Stinkhorns"
5:08  deep fading into inaudibility, same man talking about "if you want to start your own religion"
5:14  noise is taking over
5:15  cover of 70's tune, really bad
5:17  variety of voices and music collaged together
5:17  station op giving credits
5:21  man speaking, obliterated by noise and fading
5:27  series of looped voices
5:28  sounds like Bach played on synthesizer with messed up tempos
5:32  better reception with 50's sounding tune on cheesy synth
5:34  signal gone
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