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Author Topic: HM01 15140 am 1718 utc 11 Mar 2021 - (Bejucal Transmission site problem?)  (Read 799 times)

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Good reception, Spanish service.  Possibly Pedro at (or not at) the controls, various schedules call for this to be RHC Spanish until 1900 utc.  Short-wave.info lists 11530 as frequency for Cuban Spy Number now, no listing for spy numbers on 15140 throughout the day.  If 11530 is broadcasting now, deep in noise from Bejucal.  Frequency 15140 transmits from Bauta, perhaps a problem at Bejucal?   Schedules indicate all Spy numbers originate from Bejucal.

1718 Ocho dos dos seis cuatro
1720 Off but carrier present
1728 Spanish number series again by YL
1735 Numbers continue, reception getting a little noisy
1749 I believe off or in noise

1801 Numbers again, scheduled to be transmitted now on 11635 from Bejucal
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