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Author Topic: 5400 KHz, AM, OM 1135z  (Read 934 times)


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5400 KHz, AM, OM 1135z
« on: August 09, 2012, 0525 UTC »
Caught earlier this morning on 5400. *very* weak signal, I could tell it was an OM voice, but that's it.

Heard a jingle about the same time and even in ECSSB, couldn't pull it out of the mud.

No long-haul DX at the time on similar bands (even San Francisco ATC on 5547/5574 was lower than usual), other than Radio Australia, which is a regular. Even the N. Korean jammers were flea farts in the dark.

Can someone I.D. as a pirate or a BC station? ???



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Re: 5400 KHz, AM, OM 1135z
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2012, 1239 UTC »
A lot of strange stuff comes out of Asia at that time of day all over the bands, especially on the west coast. My guess is you're hearing something from over there and not a pirate. I'm monitoring that frequency now 1236Z and am hearing weak random voices in the background. I'm often up at this time of day due to my work and I can say there's an awful lot of just really weird stuff coming through on the airwaves. If you look at a greyline map, you can see that the path is optimal between the west coast and Asia early in the morning...

1302Z heard a male voice come on quite strong in USB speaking some Asian language....sounded very much like a drunken fisherman...often they'll start singing on the air to no one in particular...I hear it all the time being right on the Pacific Ocean
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Re: 5400 KHz, AM, OM 1135z
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2012, 0816 UTC »
....drunken fisherman...

Of course. I hear similar about a MHz lower in the band... either Japanese or local Chinese from the Strait. Makes sense.


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