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Author Topic: WHO and ZIZ  (Read 599 times)

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« on: April 19, 2021, 0237 UTC »
Hey All .
Report= now : 4/18/21 2200 EDT

WHO 1040  fair at times in flutter which rolled up and down.Several good  clear id's. VERY rare here, not heard in many  years. Some mild artifacts (despite all countermeasures)  from local barn burner WBZ on 1030 blasting 103 Kw effective  in my direction from  20 miles  away

WSB  750 fair , rolling up and down.

WBBM 780 fair, up and down.

CFRB 1010 good behind WINS

Normally fair to crumby KDKA good on 1020. No artifacts from BZ at all.

Tried 640 for R. Progresso only a minor trace, not useable. Had been  listenable to fair at times during  past winters, not so much lately.
LOTS of "fill in" stations logged lately- local day timers not heard in years (or ever), new stations  in X band, new Canadians,etc.
Also had KMOX 1120,  good ,recently in car  about 20 miles West (just outside local  WBNW 1120 night  pattern). First "legitimate" K call in maybe 45 years  (  KYW and KDKA don't count).

Using Sangean ATS 803 a with basic (no jack) Select-A -Tenna in RF noisy apt.

(660/46 loop  w/ ceramic wiperless 4 gang var cap will begin construction - right after "small" diameter   #18 solid  loop is finished,which will be soon.)

Also is ZIZ 555 Khz St. Kitts  still on air ? Can anyone further down the US East coast copy them ? Not even a beat note here.


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Re: WHO and ZIZ
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2021, 1314 UTC »
ZIZ has been off for at least 10 years.  They were occasionally heard here in Michigan but were never strong for me.
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Re: WHO and ZIZ
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2021, 1945 UTC »
Nice catches, haven't picked up WHO in a number of years and I'm a little closer to them than you - but it probably gets squeezed by 1030 in Boston and 1050 in NY here.  I tried for KMOX the other night while doing my Baseball DXing but no luck.  I only get CFRB on shortwave, too close to New York where WINS 1010 originates.
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Re: WHO and ZIZ
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2021, 0021 UTC »

WBZ is a real flamethrower, they send all their 50kw directly west.  (btw, WWL AM 870 New Orleans also sends all their 50kw inland, directly north in their case, you might want to give them a try).

Not a big deal but KMOX transmitter is actually in Illinois. If you really want a "K" call west of the Mississippi, give KXEL AM 1540 in IA a try.  Their 50kw is directional at night but it goes broadly north.  AFAIK the former NY station on 1540 is now silent so if you can hear WHO you should be able to pick up KXEL.  Another one to try would be X-band KCJJ AM 1630 also in IA.  They are only 1kw at night but for some reason their signal sounds much more powerful.  Only two other stations are on 1630 so KCJJ "The Mighty 1630" is a real possibility.
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Re: WHO and ZIZ
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2021, 1417 UTC »
Hey All,

'Kat :

Thanks for info re ZIZ.  Again , not even a beat note , so I figured as  much.  "Split"frequencies   don't work very well in this  digital receiver age. I had heard that ZIZ  had quite a big signal into NYC and that folks used to cruise around  listening on car AM radios. Supposedly it was popular and gave locals (WABC, WNBC,etc ) a bit of run for their money.I am not sure how much competition was on 550 or 560 in the NYC area , but apparently this frequency "squeeze play"apparently worked out quite nicely for ZIZ.

Pinto: "Bummer" re KMOX being on the WRONG side of the "Big Muddy". Now that you mentioned it, I think I recall hearing that years ago ,but forgot that fact. Still a good catch here due to local Co channel competition. Thanks re heads up for KXEL and KCJJ. KXEL at 50 kw nite  in theory,  it sounds   like the better bet, but I have to check about Co Channel competition.Certainly will also give KCJJ a try as it less competition,but a lot less power (1 kw nite). Problem is I currently have a very crumby set up ( Sangean 803a with basic no jack Select-A -Tenna in an  RF noisy environment.

660 /46 High Q  loop eventually  in the works as a swap out to the S-A-T.

Yankee : CFRB is copied at times  fairly well under WINS , especially if I spin the operation toward  their direction -or if prop is really up. If good conds, CFRB is  often heard when  audio silence from WINS, even if I am aimed toward NYC. I might try for CFRX on 6070, but that would have to be on Dxpedtion, not a prayer to copy at home QTH. Many years ago I used to copy a number of these Canadian  AM Broadcast "relays" (CFCF/CFCX ? ? , et al ).  My understanding  was that these  SW stations  were the  "Northern Relays" for far northern Que/Ont.

As you may well know, Many of the old tropical bands carried AM b'cast band audio feeds . I have copied these from much of S. America and also Australia, S. Africa, China and Germany.Nearly ALL are long gone. FWIW, many of the old  Euro car radios also had 49 M for listening to the German relays while out on the open road.

Last night's bill'o fare :

NAVTEX on 518 Kc. Fair to good signal. Considering the signal strength  I figured it SHOULD have been Coast Guard Station NMF at Falmouth , MA ( maybe 40 mi from my QTH). But the NAVTEX schedule doesn't show them as being on air at that time. No other real suspected alternatives, so I   still "presume" (maybe wrongfully) that it was them just by strength. Grabbed at 2120 local, went off at 2125 .

2200 local brought a  fair to good signal (W/QSB) from WVMT 620 in VT (with Art Bell reruns) and  also a  fairly strong solid    WNTP 990 religious from Philly. Both are new stations for me.

Overall conditions seemed pretty good . The Broadcast Band in general seems to have been "up" -   "some" - "at times" , for maybe a week or so. Not sure about actual reported  conditions (ie via WWV) though.

 de NQC K
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Re: WHO and ZIZ
« Reply #5 on: April 26, 2021, 1003 UTC »
Hey All.

FWIW, KDKA 1020 was up into good or better copy last night.Usually they are not so great here, especially up against WBZ on 1030.Didn’t really need to use much in the way of QRM countermeasures.

KDKA is one of my “ indicator” stations.
If they are up, the band is good.

So prop seems to be happening lately.

de NQC
Station main receiver : Bed springs to  blue razor blade detector to 2000 ohm cans to steam  radiator. Grid FN 42