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Author Topic: DXing Baseball April 20-21  (Read 165 times)

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DXing Baseball April 20-21
« on: April 20, 2021, 2232 UTC »
A first try for the season.  Really first day of the 2021 campaign, after nearly 3 weeks, where: every team with a Class A 50,000 watt broadcaster is playing at night, weather somewhat cooperates (1 rain out), and a team isn't sidelined for Covid.  As usual, stations at least 100 miles away. Batter up.....
2229 WFAN 660 New York - Braves at Yankees.  Excellent Reception, Yankee Flagship   Suzyn Waldman giving starting line up "....Mike Ford is batting sixth....this is the WFAN New York Yankee Radio Network"

2318 WADO 1280 New York - Braves at Yankees.  Good Reception, Yankee Spanish Flagship. Play by play man Rickie Ricardo calls Gary Sanchez out on ground ball to third, the "Braves uno, Yankees cero" 

2339 WOFX 980 Albany, NY - Blue Jays at Red Sox Good Reception, Red Sox Affiliate.  Joe Castiglione on call ".....ball two, no score here in the bottom of the second" (Former Met Affiliate)

2342  WCBS 880 New York - Mets at Cubs. Excellent reception, Mets Flagship.  Howie Rose, just back from medical leave, on call "Grabbed the inside corner and it's 2-2 to Nimmo, 37 degrees at Wrigley Field here in the scoreless top of the first."

2358 WTTM 1680 Lindenwold, NJ - Giants at Phillies. Good reception, Phillies Spanish Flagship "Los Giantes cero, Phillies uno" to commercial. (A new baseball catch for me)

0003 WVMT 620 Burlington, VT - Braves at Yankees. Good Reception, Yankee Affiliate. "Gio Urshella hits that to dead center and ties the game at 1."

0011 WTAM 1100 Cleveland - White Sox at Indians. Excellent reception, Indian Flagship.  Tom Hamilton calling, "RBI double for Moncata, Eaton scores as it goes to the wall and the White Sox lead the Indians 4-2 in the sixth."

0024 WSAR 1480 Fall River, MA - Blue Jays at Red Sox. Good reception, Red Sox affiliate. "But he didn't swing so it's a ball.  He was a big part of the 2013 team. Strike 3.  After 4 and a half, 4-1 Red Sox."

0030 WLW 700 Cincinnati - Diamondbacks at Reds.  Good reception, Reds Flagship.  "Here's the 2-1 and it's inside.  Reds trailing in the top of the fifth 3-2."

0035 WVEI 1440 Worchester, MA - Blue Jays at Red Sox. Good reception, Red Sox affiliate. "Runners on first and second, he comes home with the pitch and it's a strike.  Red Sox lead 4-1."

General Observations: Reception west of Cincinnati poor tonight but might be weather related.  WRVA is listed as a Nationals affiliate but not carrying game.  CKGM is listed as a Blue Jay affiliate but not carrying game.  Found an unlisted Spanish affiliate of the Red Sox in Connecticut (less then 100 miles away) WLAT 910 New Britain.
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Re: DXing Baseball April 20-21
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2021, 0040 UTC »
nice work under challenging conditions lately
Das Radiobunker somewhere in Michigan