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Author Topic: Triple L Radio 6290 AM 2330 utc 23 May 2021  (Read 207 times)

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Triple L Radio 6290 AM 2330 utc 23 May 2021
« on: May 23, 2021, 2332 UTC »
on 6290.0--
2330 C&W, 2331 C&W, etc..;
2340 ID, greets to me, Edith Piaf "Non je ne regrette rien"
2343 C&W, 2345 already heard that in a different version...
2348 JT memories in E. Europe, IDs
2352 banjo, fiddle.., 2355 "You got it"
0002 ID, last song for Mr Ray Lalleu from Japan (song from Japan? :)
more nice C&W songs (sorry, I don't know much about C&W), nice before going to sleep,
0011 ID, next song "Living next door to Alice",
Good night  Johnny, still good signal, some fading now,
"Have you ever seen the rain" (Californian song ?)
0025 closing down with "My way", and some distorsion, propagation?
0026 OFF
Good night JT ! thanks for the show !

0021 ID, W singer in French (trying to remember... :( )
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Re: UNID/Triple L Radio 6290 AM 2330 utc 23 May 2021
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2021, 2339 UTC »
2337 S9+15 faded   French song
2339 Livin' on love  Alan Jackson
2340 Hello Johnny nice to hear you!!!
ID Triple L Radio, shout to Ray   Non,je ne regrette rien  Edith Piaf
- I was for a week in the land of lakes and forests in Masuria
2347 Thanks Johnny - - such an ancient melody that Shazam doesn't know it
2351 I can hear you perfectly in Muurame FI Kiwi
2354 You got it  Roy Orbison  2358 Abracadabra
0002 ID special to Ray   Wishin' and hopin'  Dusty Springfield
0018 Thanks Johnny for good wishes and memories, I have 350 km behind me and it's time to go to sleep.
        Until next time! Good night!!!
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