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Author Topic: HAM Station Mistakenly ID'ing 27.505 MHz 01:15z 29-AUG-2021  (Read 581 times)

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Strong 11m band opening this evening-many frequencies occupied. Unusual was that the band was closed during daylight hours, then opened up after sunset. Heard a station LSB 27.505 MHz 01:15z 29-AUG-2021, QSB, OM and a youngster operating with some background chatter from other users on frequency. OM was trying to interest youngster in amateur radio, by mentioning how ionospheric propagation works, and mentioned working stations around the world. Youngster asked about the price of OM's radio, OM stated "$600.00". OM then mistakenly(?) ID'ed as "VE6DW". Online search for this callsign yielded only brief mention in a few ancient issues of amateur radio publications - from 1950 to the 1960's. Perhaps OM was pulling the leg of the casual listener. 11m opening suddenly closed up tight at about 01:30z 29-AUG-2021. Just for the sheer unpredictability of what I might hear, I greatly enjoy monitoring "freeband".


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Re: HAM Station Mistakenly ID'ing 27.505 MHz 01:15z 29-AUG-2021
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2021, 1357 UTC »
I gotta admit I've almost slipped up a bunch of times jumping between 27.385, 28.400, and 27.555. I've heard many people start to use their call sign. There are a lot of hams in places like 27.385 when the band is open. There's a certain nostalgia in it for sure. A couple of weeks ago me and another guy qsy'd to somewhere like 27.365 and were discussing how 17 meters had been that week. We certainly didn't swap call signs, but it was immediately clear we were both hams. When I was younger I would throw out my address to people all over the world and never cared. This wasn't very smart, but alls well that ends well I suppose. There wasn't a QRZ.com for that sort of thing. Maybe some of the big clubs had registries?


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