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Author Topic: From Radio Survivor: Brazilian Authorities Cracking Down on Free Radio in 2021!  (Read 734 times)

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http://www.radiosurvivor.com/2021/09/brazilian-authorities-cracking-down-on-free-radio-in-2021/   They have a podcast interview that covered Community Radio in Brazil, now an article on the Pirate Scene there.
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Hey Dood,

I know that poorly designed AM (AM !) transmitters can emit harmonics ie at double the transmit frequency , etc.

I am don't know as much   potential spurious products from  FM transmitters  (   I imagine that nearly ALL of the stations in question here are FM ).

I did some quick math  and 2X 88 (Mhz ) or 2X 108 (Mhz) do NOT fall within the VHF aero band .2X 108 is 216 ,  which is within the UHF aero band (FWIW). Not sure if this math is useful or not.

The notion that these stations interfere with "Safety of Life"  communications ( aeronautical , medical, fire ,police and the KFC drive through  ) makes a fantastic pretext for shutting down  the  voices of opposition  or alternative view. Apparently some governments   don't want to just bust in   because they don't like you , that would be  bad PR. But if the cover story is  that you "endanger aircraft" (etc) , no one could or would argue or be able to really prove otherwise to the technically dim  general public.When the National Police show up,   convince them with  test gear that you put out a clean signal and  then they'd call off the bust.  Right.

The idea that drugs are also involved in "some  or a few " cases may or may not be true, but good luck REALLY   "fighting" a cartel that contributes money to  the same politicians that sent the bust crew   or whacks anyone that gets too annoying. Drug stations would  probably just  "eat"  the equipment  loss (to "play along" ) and then   just  set up some place else. Money is not an issue with these folks.But  if  you keep hitting the POOR in the wallet , eventually they get squashed.

I am not fuzzy about  someone interfering with a legitimate station that PAID for a license (FWIW, I never QRM'ed anyone on the AM b'cast band or  HF) . But this "aircraft story" sounds like a big  load of baloney .

When a US FM  pirate station gets busted it is simply because it is unlicensed, no  matter what their viewpoint. The FCC doesn't seem to  care about bad press . The Brazilian  govt   apparently lies   to appear  to be looking out for  public safety. It's softer , fuzzier and a kinder type of  machine gun hand.

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