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Author Topic: The Mighty KBC test, 9500kHz, from 0000 10/21  (Read 1852 times)

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The Mighty KBC test, 9500kHz, from 0000 10/21
« on: October 21, 2012, 0027 UTC »
Anybody else hearing this?  It's loud and clear into Madison, playing rock and rock/pop from all over the last four decades or so - Offspring, the Rolling Stones, a handful of others I don't recognize.  Multiple KBC ID's and slogans throughout, one commercial for KBC Imports so far, and some chat from the DJ but not much.  Only a little of the talk's been in Dutch so far - darn!  I wish they'd play some music in Dutch or Flemish.  I'm odd, I know.  

Call it SINPO 44334, and better with headphones in.  No sign of CNR1 beneath it, either.  

Time check, e-mail address and test transmission information at 0036 (and 20 seconds, says the DJ!) :)  I know they're transmitting from Bulgaria, but that's not a Bulgarian accent, and I'm sure I heard Dutch before.  

Whoops, I was right.  That's an English, Dutch, and French multilingual ID at 0052.  :) 
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Re: The Mighty KBC test, 9500kHz, from 0000 10/21
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2012, 0102 UTC »
Coming in very strong here at 0102Z.

0104Z 45444 S9+20 ID "The Mighty KBC"
0116Z 45444 S9+10 Gave email addr (themightykbc@gmail.com)  & website (http://www.kbcradio.eu)
0126Z 45444 S9+10 Steve Miller Band "Living In the USA"
0129Z 55444 S9+10 Ad for KBC online store
0129Z 55444 S9+10 ID
0129Z 55444 S9+10 Kayak "The Royal Bed Bouncer" (request for a listener in PA)
0133Z 55444 S9+10 ID
0133Z 55444 S9+10 Eddie Calvert "Zambesi"
0136Z 55444 S9+10 Paul McCartney "Dance Tonight"
0139Z 55444 S9+10 ID. Said they're transmitting from Bulgaria.
0139Z 55444 S9+10 Chicory Tip "Cigarettes, Women, And Wine"
0142Z 55444 S9+10 Ad for KBC
0142Z 55444 S9+10 The Honeycombs "Nice While It Lasted" (Dedicated for an Indian sailor that's in the USA)
0145Z 55444 S9+10 ID
0145Z 55444 S9+10 Tony Christie "Las Vegas"
0149Z 55434 S9+10 ID + shoutouts
0155Z 55434 S9 Inez & Charlie Foxx "Hurt By Love"
0157Z 55434 S9 ID & good bye
0157Z 55434 S9 Organiq "Soundscapes Part 3"
0159Z 55434 S9 ID
0200Z Off air

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Re: The Mighty KBC test, 9500kHz, from 0000 10/21
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2012, 0117 UTC »
skeezix thanks for the heads up, 20+ here with nice fifties (?) Rock And Roll songs.
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