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Part #15 TX'ing on the 11M Int BC Band?


Question... With all that mostly unused spectrum in the 11M International Broadcast band, from 25.670MHz - 26.100MHz, has anyone tried actual Part #15 tests and broadcasts there? About the only thing that I hear down there, anymore, are CB outbanders. I haven't heard those broadcast auxiliary FM stations there for a couple of years, at least. Yeah... Sucks about the Part #15 FS limit of 30uV, measured at 30M, (If I read that right.), but it would be interesting to see just how much of an area that could actually cover.   

Beyond part 15, I have inquired before about possible pirate radio activity on or near the 11m broadcast band. It is a good daytime band for at least part of the year, requires a relatively small antenna, and it is mostly vacant except for the already noted 11m CB freebanders.


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