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Author Topic: Improving Conditions / Casual Log  (Read 188 times)

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Improving Conditions / Casual Log
« on: October 06, 2021, 1414 UTC »
Hey All,

Things getting better here.

Recents on the Super Radio I / Select-A -Tenna :

CMLA  Cuba 640 hit and miss  a few nights  , but  all super weak. Mix w / co channel  weak/super weak regional WNNZ ,MA

WSM 650  TN fair at times during fair or better regional Co channel WSRO's MA silent  periods. Nice to hear "The Legend " from Nashville.
CFZM 740 ONT.  Fair or better ( at times) in deep QSB when local line of sight Co channel WJIB is nulled out. FWIW, Zoomer is in full pattern null in my direction.

WSB  750 GA good  (!). This one  can be  a  "fringe" distance  toughie at times and is often my max Dx for a particular night.

WCRN  830 MA regional,  I sometimes park here for good music. Some selective fade/ QSB at times but overall good /very good at night.

KDKA 1020 PA good. KDKA usually  delivers  an ""OK to decent" signal  here , but the real issues are blow torch local WBZ on 1030 and "wanna be  band bully" WINS on 1010. Not a problem now.

WMEX 1510 MA local. Often park here for good music, their new format is VASTLY better than before.Some QRM from1500 Kc WFED DC at times, MEX is only 100 W / single omni  antenna at around 
                                   10 mi. Some other issues noted  on their night time  signal , but  usually not a big deal. During 10 Kw daytime it honks in here ! 1960's format /style of radio LIVES  here!!!
CHHA 1610 ONT. Usually  weakling in the past , but fair at times recently.

A number of other stations logged, just the "highlights" here.
Two  MW antennas and other projects (BIG crystal set , etc) "on the bench" , building as time allows.

de N1NQC

Station main receiver : Bed springs to  blue razor blade detector to 2000 ohm cans to steam  radiator. Grid FN 42