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11m activity 14 Nov 2021


1401 Sounds like DX on 38L, waiting for an ID now.
1809 Ch 29 AM - op in the Mojave desert.

It is dead here. Even tried calling CQ a few times, hoping the band was up, but nobody was calling. I had to reset my rig earlier to fix an issue with the frequency being off. Was hoping to get an on-air radio check from someone. I worked a few DX stations on 17M, but didn't want to hold up a DX station for an audio check.

Still pretty dead here. I did just work a station in Saskatchewan. Only signal heard on 27.385 LSB here. Gonna go make lunch and then play around on PSK31 a little. I'll check the band later.
Ended up leaving the radio on 27 MHz while my wife used the computer. Now hearing several California stations on 27.385 @ 17:38
Hearing several stations from AZ and OR also @ 18:14


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