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Author Topic: The Mighty KBC, 9450 0000 11/25  (Read 1945 times)

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The Mighty KBC, 9450 0000 11/25
« on: November 24, 2012, 2359 UTC »
I know this's technically dated ahead a few minutes, but 2353 already had KBC tuning up their transmitter.  Booming carrier on 9450.  *anxiously awaits sign-on!*

Edited to add: Boom!  On promptly at 0000 with a lovely 'rocking over the ocean' Mighty KBC ID, then into "The Twist"!  SIO 544 here, only some minor fading and static.  
Oh man, Venga Boys!  That song reminds me happily of the spring of '99.  I was fourteen.  
Multilingual English, Dutch, French and possibly German ID at 0042.  :)  

*parks radio dial in one position for a bit*  

Data transmission at 0130, and is that Kim Andrew Elliot?  Huh, I always thought that was a lady.  I figured Andrew-Elliot was a dual last name... shows what I know, and Kim can be a male name.  Ooooopsie. 
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QSL's appreciated 

There's a geeklady turning that dial!
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Re: The Mighty KBC, 9450 0000 11/25
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2012, 0048 UTC »
(missed the first part of the show)

0038Z 45333 S8 Mink Deville "Spanish Stroll"
0047Z 45333 S8 Jerry Byrne "Lights Out"
0047Z 45333 S8 ID
0048Z 45333 S8 The Leveliers "15 Years"
0051Z 45333 S8 ID
0055Z 45333 S8 The Hussy's "We Expected"
0058Z 45333 S8 ID
0058Z 45333 S8 Les Reed Orchestra "Man Of Action"
0100Z 45333 S8 ID
0100Z 45333 S8 Ray Davies "Vietnam Cowboys"
0104Z 45333 S8 ID
0104Z 45333 S8 Arthur Kay "Play My Record"
0107Z 45333 S8 ID
0107Z 45333 S8 Glenda Collins "If You Gotta Pick A Baby"
0109Z 45333 S8 ID
0109Z 45333 S8 Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes "Can Your Grandpa Rock And Roll Like This"
0112Z 45333 S8 ID
0112Z 45333 S8 Juicy Lucy "Who Do You Love?"
0115Z 45333 S8 ID
0115Z 45333 S8 Dan Hartman "Relight My Fire"
0119Z 45333 S8 ID. Broadcasting from Bulgaria.
0119Z 45333 S8 Kajak "Starlight Dancer"
0125Z 45333 S8 Gene Vincent "Blue Jean Bop"
0128Z 45333 S8 ID
0130Z 45333 S8 Digital text modes
0132Z 45333 S8 ID
0132Z 45333 S8 The Clash "London Calling"
0135Z 45333 S8 ID
0135Z 45333 S8 Ike & Tina Turner "Nutbush City Limits"
0138Z 45333 S8 ID
0140Z 45333 S8 Tuti Ragazzi "Nits"
0142Z 45333 S8 The Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Treat Her Like A Lady"
0145Z 35333 S8 Radio ad
0146Z 35333 S8 Kaiser Chiefs "Ruby"
0154Z 35333 S7 ID. Saying hello to a bunch of listeners.
0154Z 35333 S7 Buddy Holly & The Crickets "Not Fade Away"  (Played from real vinyl on the Mighty KBC's turntable)
0157Z 35333 S7 ID & signing off
0158Z 35333 S8 Digital text PSKR250 & MFSK64
0200Z 35333 S8 ID
0200Z Off air

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'  (Also listening on my National NC-183D with 100' wire)
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Re: The Mighty KBC, 9450 0000 11/25
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2012, 0359 UTC »
Caught for the first time this evening. Great show!

Thanks, Mighty KBC!

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Re: The Mighty KBC, 9450 0000 11/25
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2012, 1320 UTC »
The Mighty KBC also roaring in to upstate NY at 0000 with a 20 over 9 signal.  Chubby Checker's "Twist Again" at tune in.  Live DJ and canned ID at 0002, into Temptations "Get Ready".  My first time for this one.  Nice sound, great wide age range music mix and fun patter.  Lotsa fun...
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