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11M Band conditions


(19:22 ) 27.385 LSB is quite active this afternoon. Hearing stations from CA, AZ, CO etc.

Things were too busy on 11M, but I did manage to work KE7JNT Oregon on 28.475 USB At 19:45. Not a huge signal, but perfectly workable.

(20:28) Barely hearing anything

I do not plan on talking tonight but I do a quick 11m band skim. Activity on various usual 11m DX hotspots at 0215z. 8)

To my surprise, when I'd gotten back home from work, at 03:30UTC, CB CH38LSB was hopping with a pipeline to Texas. That pipeline lasted to past 1AM my time. Huh... Should've been talkin' there, since I wasn't able to 'Break-In' to 3885AM last night.

Huh... 11M did it again last night. Starting early even from Texas and about Midnight here, ended to Lake Superior. Almost no activity heard on 10M, albeit that I know that was open, since I heard several beacons below 28.300Mhz.

Just turned on the radio (19:46) Hearing some activity on 27.385 LSB. PA, OH working stations in FL and CA. Hopefully, I can make some contacts.
I didn't spend too much time on 11M, managed to work one mobile station in VA beach on 27.385. Head some other stations faintly. (21:02)


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