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Author Topic: New beacons on the way!  (Read 833 times)


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New beacons on the way!
« on: August 19, 2022, 1555 UTC »
Good day everyone!
Life/moving/other shenanigans have sadly prevented any “beaconeering” for a while and the QRT of Archer.

Everything has now settled down and I now have some precious free time back!

Everyone can expect a couple feral beacons to come online in the near future.

I’m looking for some input on design features/frequencies for new beacons that aren’t as chirpy as Archer  ;D

Possible modes-
Simple “ditter” or “dasher”
Periodic CW Id (like Archer)
Maybe WSPR?

Antenna options-
49:1 EFHW
1/2 wave Dipole
1/4 wave vertical

Are there any specific frequencies y’all would like to see?
I’m leaning toward 4096kHz or 6999kHz
I also have a couple hifer 13560 xtals laying around and a boatload of random xtals that are just itching to be put to use.

Any other feature requests/ideas?

At least one beacon will probably be based on the original Marin ditter since I love the simplicity of no battery/no ICs. Old school, simple and cheap  8)
I may also add a thermistor to vary the dit rate.

I’m looking for input on names for these little guys as well.

May the best name win!!

Anticipated QTH will be somewhere in the Ozarks.

I’ll open it to the group now
pse eQSL to archerbeacon@gmail.com

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Re: New beacons on the way!
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2022, 1916 UTC »
Can't wait to try and DX them . Somewhere around 8Mhz would be great to give us East Coasters a fair shot at logging you.

CW is always good!
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Re: New beacons on the way!
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2022, 1210 UTC »
Yeah 8mhz would do pretty well at hitting the east coast from the mid west region. I will double check that I have a crystal.
pse eQSL to archerbeacon@gmail.com


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