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11m Activity 01 Dec 2021

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14:30 UTC Ch 38 LSB
Jamaica being received in SE PA

14:42 27.570 USB French speaking stations with the word "Quebec" heard

Signal is S4 to S5 on RSPduo meter

Lots of activity here at 1800 UTC, the band is chock full of signals.

Vancouver Island heard CQ'ing on CB 38LSB with an S9 signal. I've yet to hear HI, or AK.

Just got home a bit early. Hearing stations from NY down to the Caribbean and Montana just now on 27.385 (20:01)

Just worked NH, NJ, and Barbados in about 2 mins on 27.375(21:06)

Worked 537 Montana @ 20:10 on 27.375 LSB (He was mobile)

Hearing CA on 27.385 and 'Bad Grandpa' in NV I believe (20:19)

Canada on 27.385 @ 20:21

Had to go grocery shopping, just turned the rig back on, and worked 442 CA on 27.385  and 49 in Brooklyn NY @ 21:46, he was faint though.

The NY station is now working lots of other Florida stations as of 21:58. Not hearing much of anything else though.


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